Stunning amputee born with no arm gets bionic hand- And even uses it for Cosplay!

A stunning amputee who was born without a left arm has received a bionic hand – and even uses it for cosplay.

Caitlin Michelle, 25, from New Jersey, USA, was born without a forearm on her left arm – otherwise known as congenital amputation.

From the age of four Caitlin used a standard prosthetic arm but was unable to use it for more adventurous activities.

But in December last year, the school teacher finally received a state of the art bionic hand which is connected to existing nerves and muscles.

After months of planning by a specialist prosthetics team, her new bionic limb was carefully shaped and has enabled her to finally have two functioning arms.

Caitlin has since attended conventions as her favourite superheroes and uses her bionic armto her advantage, much to the amazement of other superhero fans.

She said: “My new bionic arm is amazing, it came with eight different grip patterns and a wrist rotator which allows me to spin 360 degrees.

“For years I used a prosthetic arm which had little movement in it, so I was limited with what I could do.

“I was very fortunate that my insurance covered the costs, as bionic limbs can cost thousands of dollars.

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“My new arm is really efficient, it’s been such a game changer, I can use it for a full day and then I plug it in overnight, just like a phone really.

“There are sensors inside the arm which locate where my strongest muscle signals are, they then help me to navigate.

“It was also designed to fit my arm perfectly, which is great because it feels like the arm is actually a part of my body.

“I am now able to reach for things with my left arm, which I could never do before, and I love being able to pick things up so easily.

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“I love cosplay and so I got in touch with a group in Manhattan who were able to create a Star Wars Stormtrooper-inspired socket, which I put on via a tube on the side.

“It not only amuses me personally but I think that joking about my limb makes other people more comfortable with it.

“My new arm has completely changed my life around and I am so grateful to finally have two working arms and hands.”

Caitlyn frequently attends superhero events and uses her bionic arm as part of the cosplay – and also states how much the children she teaches loves her arm.

She said: “I like to see the fun side to my arm and I enjoy cosplay a lot.

“I enjoy incorporating my disability into my cosplays and poke fun at myself.

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“Making costumes and dressing up as various superhero characters for conventions is so fun.

“I discovered cosplay early last year and then I made a Catwoman costume, since then it has become a hobby which I get a huge thrill out of.

“I teach kids of 11 and 12 and they are fascinated by my arm, they always compare it to video game characters.

Caitlin stated how people react to her disability and the sounds that her new arm makes.

She said: “The small robot sounds that my arm makes used to confuse some of the children but now they see the fun side of it, they’ve all got used to me wearing it.

“I love to get involved in the jokes and I have a positive mind to the whole thing.

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“Some people who are unfamiliar with limb differences or prosthetics may feel awkward around me and don’t really know what to say, which I understand.

“A disability like mine isn’t something that people are used to seeing every day, whether in public or on television.

“I feel I’m acknowledging that I am different by drawing attention to my hand in a funny way.

“I don’t want people to think that missing a limb means my life is tragic or worthy of pity.”