Student who felt ‘too fat’ to leave house sheds three stone in six weeks after signing up to £4K celebrity bootcamp

A 15 stone student who felt ‘too fat to leave the house’ lost three stone in SIX WEEKS by forking out £4,000 to join a celebrity boot camp.

Sophie Winter at the fitness boot camp in Norfolk

Sophie Winter at the fitness boot camp in Norfolk

Sophie Winter, 20, got the body of her dreams by overhauling her diet and exercise at a military fitness retreat favoured by reality TV stars including Vicky Pattison and Binky Felstead.

After hitting rock bottom the hospitality undergraduate scraped together her own savings and cash from her parents to pay for a six week stay at the No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk last summer.

Sophie, from Bedford, has left her 15st, size 16 figure behind and now weighs 11st and is a slim size eight to ten.

Sophie Winter at the fitness boot camp in Norfolk

Sophie Winter at the fitness boot camp in Norfolk

She said: “I cannot believe how much I achieved and how differently I feel about myself. It really has been a complete life transformation.

“I didn’t think it was possible to do so much in just six weeks. It shows what you achieve if you want it badly enough.”

Sophie, who is in her second year at Portsmouth University, began to pile on the pounds two years ago while studying for her A Levels.

The stunning blonde said being overweight left her so depressed and low in confidence she found it hard to leave the house to meet her friends.


But the 20-year-old realised she had to turn her life around when she turned down her dream hospitality job in America because she hated her body so much.

Sophie enrolled for a four-week stay at No 1 Boot Camp – also a favourite of Towie’s Mark Wright and Gemma Collins and Vanessa White from The Saturdays – last summer.

She ended up spending six weeks at the retreat, where attendees follow a strictly regimented exercise and nutrition regime, and lost exactly 3st in 42 days.

Since leaving the camp and returning to university Sophie has shed a further 14lbs and now weighs exactly 11st.

She said: “I started piling on the pounds when I was doing my A Levels.

“I became so unhappy and the bigger I got, the more food I would eat so the bigger I would get.

“It became a vicious circle that I felt trapped in.


“I started to lose the confidence to go out. I didn’t feel I could walk into town or meet my friends because of all the weight I had gained.

“The final straw was when I turned down an amazing opportunity to work in America for three months.

“I felt truly uncomfortable about the way I looked. At this point I knew something had to change – this wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted to live.”

Sophie said she knew a week’s stay would not be long enough to achieve the change she needed so she cashed in her savings and with help from her parents booked a four week visit.

But the 20-year-old loved No 1 Boot Camp – which also has branches in Ibiza and Marrakech and is run by ex-military and Special Forces trainers – so much she stayed for another fortnight.

Sophie Winter at the boot camp in Norfolk

Sophie Winter at the boot camp in Norfolk

Sophie is now busy completing her hospitality degree and is eyeing up exciting work opportunities abroad which she said she won’t turn down this time.

She said: “My first week was by far the most difficult thing I have ever done and may ever do in my life.

“Areas in my body that I didn’t even realise could ache, ached. The trainers work you to your limit and take you completely out of your comfort zone.

“But I knuckled down and from week to week at No 1 Boot Camp I was doing activities I would not have imagined to be possible when I started.

“I know it is a cliché but I genuinely felt that the whole experience was life changing. It was the best decision I made in my life.

Sophie Winter at the fitness boot camp in Norfolk

Sophie Winter at the fitness boot camp in Norfolk

“I feel so much more confident and I will never turn down an exciting opportunity abroad again.”

Attendees at the No 1 Boot Camp start each morning with a 7am wakeup call and take on 45 minutes of cardio exercise before breakfast.

Campers then complete circuits, military drills, hikes and strength and conditioning exercises and eat healthy meals like salmon and vegetables, home-made soup and poached egg on toast.

A spokeswoman for No 1 Boot Camp said: “We are delighted Sophie got a great result – she looks amazing.

“We have a number of campers who liked to stay for prolonged periods and really sort themselves out.”