Student branded ‘disgusting’ for 33-year age gap relationship determined to prove critics wrong as she celebrates one year anniversary

A student branded ‘disgusting’ by her friends for her 33-year age gap relationship is determined to prove her critics wrong as she celebrates her one-year anniversary.

Rahab Kimani, 21, of Barnaget, New Jersey, USA, felt attracted to her boss Joe Singiser, 54, when he was helping her move last year.


After telling her friends who called her ‘disgusting’ and ‘nasty,’ the nursing home supervisor asked for her phone number, which led her to change her mind about her move to Boston.

The interracial pair quickly felt a connection and she moved in with him and his two teenagers after dating for just three months.

Rahab was also disgraced by her family initially, causing her to cry nearly every night and was accused by many of just wanting to be with an older man for his money.

With this being her most serious relationship so far, Rahab does not see any conflicts with the age difference.

After getting to know him and seeing how happy she is with him, her friends and family have grown to accept them as a couple.


Rahab, a student and home health aid, said: “I thought he was very attractive and immediately wanted him. I really liked his big muscles and that everyone at work was afraid of him.

“My sister was asking me for years to move in with her and I felt like there was nothing for me here. I was ready to just move to Boston and start over. Then I met Joe and everything changed.

“My friends were really disgusted in me for finding an older man attractive, so I just stopped talking about it when I was around them.

“I was very comfortable on our first date. We laughed the whole night and had so much to talk about. I remember after I got home I couldn’t stop smiling.

“It was really hard dealing with the way my family reacted to it. I had to give them their space and I cried almost every single day.

“We get looks while in public all the time. Someone even came up to me once and said I should be ashamed of myself because I just want his money. I did get sensitive, but I just walked away.


“I don’t really see the age gap. I just see him as my boyfriend and my best friend. If anything, the difference is that I take this relationship as more serious than previous ones.

“It took everyone a long time, but they are finally understanding of us being together.”

The couple enjoy the same activities and often go out with friends together in a group.

They also are both passionate about traveling and recently went to Spain together.

Rahab said: “We do everything together. We go out with friends a lot and we travel as much as we can.

“We have so many common interests, that the age gap doesn’t even matter. Age is just a number.”

Joe was so attracted to her smile that he used to come out of his office on a regular basis just to see her when she worked at the nursing home.

He surprised himself when he started developing feelings for someone so young but didn’t want to think about it too much since he knew she was his ‘true love’.


While he admits they are at completely different places in their lives, the father-of-four is determined to make it work.

Joe said: “I noticed her beautiful smile from across the room and would come out of my office just to see it.

“We are in two different places in our lives. She parties all night and I’m in bed at 10:00, but we make it work because we love each other.”

Rahab was shocked at how accepting the divorcee’s daughters were of the relationship.

Before moving into their house, she unexpectedly met his daughters Cathy and Kiera and they welcomed her with open arms.

Rahab said: “I was afraid to meet them so early on, but all of his kids have been very nice to me and very accepting of our relationship.

Now that they have been together for one year, the couple has started to discuss the possibility of marriage as well as a baby in the future.

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