Skin-crawling footage shows giant pet centipede crawling over its owner

A Taiwanese man who lets his giant venomous centipede crawl over his body has warned his exotic choice of pet is not for everyone.

Biology student Neil Cheng Le, 26, bought the 42cm female Peruvian giant centipede in 2014 when it was just a fraction of its fully-grown frame.

PIC FROM Neil Cheng Le / Caters News

Unsettling footage from last week shows Neil letting the nameless creepy crawly scamper over his body before feasting on catfood.

But Neil doesn’t recommend his unique companion for everyone and warned only experts should handle the dangerous critters.

Neil said: “There’s definitely a risk handling venomous insects and it should be left to those with experience.”

“Their bite can definitely be painful but I never feel unsafe as I’m an experienced arthropod hobbyists.”

PIC FROM Neil Cheng Le / Caters News

“I have no problem letting her crawl over me and hand feeding her.”

Centipede’s sting, which is inflicted through their pincer-like front claws, can result in agonizing pain, a blistering rash, nausea and fever.

So venomous is the bite, the centipede can subdue prey 15 times its size – a trait that meant Neil has to pick his room-mates wisely.

Neil said: “My room mate is just as crazy as me, he has his own venomous pets.”

“She has always been very gentle and easy to handle.”

“However you need the right experience and knowledge to keep them healthy.”