Size eight woman told she was too fat to model finally finds success after gaining three stone!

Pic by James Alexander Lyon/Caters News

size eight woman who was told she was too fat to model finally finds success after gaining three stone to become plus size star.

Lauren Blackmore, 32, from Essex, first began modelling 10 years ago but was faced with constant rejection due to her size.

Despite being a slim size eight and weighing 10 stone, Lauren was told by agencies that she would need to lose at least three stone before becoming successful.

Left feeling self-conscious and overweight, Lauren turned to excessive dieting which left her addicted to diet pills and laxatives.

But this led to her binging on up to four takeaways a day, leaving her as a recluse.

Pic by Caters News 

But after years of battling with her image, Lauren decided she didn’t want to waste any more years of her life and is finally learning to embrace her curves.

Now a size 12, Lauren is pursuing her dream of becoming a lingerie model and is encouraging others to do the same.

Lauren, an inspiring life coach, said: “Lingerie modelling was always something I wanted to do but I was told I wasn’t good enough.

“Everyone I approached always said I was too big for modelling, but I was desperate to be signed to an agency.

“They all said I would need to lose at least three stone to make it as a successful model.

“Because of this I became really self-conscious of the way I looked and I was always dieting.

“I tried every diet as well as diet pills, excessive exercising, and I even took laxatives, I was constantly weighting myself but I could never lose enough weight.

“I was a healthy size 8-10 but I was desperate to be smaller and the numbers on the scale would rule how I felt for the day.

“I suffered panic attacks and soon started to binge eat as a way of coping, I could eat four takeaways a day as well as three healthy meals to try and hide my secret eating.

Pic by Caters News


“After years of neglecting myself I realised I couldn’t carry on and I am finally learning how to accept my body, flaws and all.

“I no longer weight myself but I would guess I have put on around three stone, and I feel healthier and happier than ever.”

Lauren, who is 5ft 7, had always been interested in lingerie modelling and in 2007 decided to pursue a career in it.

But unfortunately from the beginning she was faced with numerous setbacks which affected her confidence.

She added: “Everyone I went out with always wanted to be with a pretty slim glamour model, I’m not blaming my ex partners and I know I should have focused on myself, but it did give me a complex.

“One said that if I stayed skinny he would think about committing to me, he palmed it off as a joke but it always stuck with me.

“For a while I worked at a bar in Greece, my employer said that if I lost five kilos he would pay me five euros more, everywhere I turned people were telling me that I wasn’t good enough.

Pic by James Alexander Lyon/Caters News 

“Going out was a struggle, even at my slimmest, I would never feel comfortable and my image became an obsession that consumed my whole life.

“I tried slimming pills which meant I was only able to eat two things a day, but I couldn’t keep it up.

“I also went through phases of excessively taking Laxatives, I took the most horrific ones you could buy and I would be on the toilet all night in excruciating pain.

“If I ate chocolate I would punish myself and not eat for the rest of the day, I was faced with a constant battle.

“Because of the rejection all I wanted to do was hibernate, and so after years of trying to be thin I eventually gave up.

“At the time I didn’t realise what I was putting myself through and I think it was a way of covering up my emotions.

“So over the next few years I started to binge eat.

“I would eat up to four takeaways a day and I would always go to the drive through so no one would see me or know what I was doing.

“At home I would be eating three healthy meals as well as the takeaways, it was a cover up.”

Lauren soon became a recluse, her clothes no longer fit and she refused to buy bigger sizes.

Pic by James Alexander Lyon/Caters News 

In 2013, after breaking up with her boyfriend, Lauren decided she didn’t want to carry on living the way she was and looked to Models of Diversity for the help and guidance she desperately needed.

Lauren said: “I knew I had let 10 slip years slip away from me and it wasn’t prepared to lose any more of my life over it.

“Models of Diversity have created so much acceptance for plus sized models, and for this I am so thankful.

“I am finally living my dream and pursuing a career for plus sized women as well as anyone who has insecurities about their body.

“I am now a curvy size 12, I know longer weigh myself and I don’t diet or compare myself to other women.

“I never thought I would show my body off again but I knew I had to face my fears, I have learnt to accept my body I am now on a new journey to be slim and healthy for me and no one else.

“By sharing my story I want to encourage others to fall in love with themselves again and accept themselves for who they are.”