Size 2 model told she was too big overcomes eating disorders to become successful plus-size beauty

A former size two (UK 6) model who was told she was too BIG has overcome eating disorders to become a successful plus-size beauty.

Danielle now (L) and when she was dieting (R)

Danielle now (L) and when she was dieting (R)

Stunning Danielle Braverman developed anorexia after constantly being told she wasn’t skinny enough and needed her chest duct taped down for shoots.

After quitting the industry, the now size 14 (UK 18) beauty learned to embrace her natural body and was soon scouted by True Model Management in New York and Hughes Models in London.

Now the blonde bombshell travels the world posing for top brands such as Boohoo, Misguided, Evans and Simply Be.

Danielle with her family

Danielle with her family

Danielle, originally from Denver in Colorado, USA, said: “I started straight-size modelling at college – I was very thin and successfully modelled for years.

“But because naturally I am not that size I was constantly pushing against my curves.

“I was constantly told I needed to lose weight and people would even duct tape my chest down for photoshoots.

“I was endangering my health and sanity and it was very stressful.

Danielle Braverman before she became a plus size model

Danielle Braverman before she became a plus size model

“I was binging, had anorexia, I was taking diet pills and watching every calorie. I was looking at an apple thinking it had too many calories.

“I’d feel completely guilty about eating, I was exercising excessively and it became an obsession.”

Danielle quit modelling, got married and ditched the unhealthy mentality – allowing her curves to blossom.

The mum-of-two admitted having a family around her meant she eventually grew tired of her problem.


She added: “I kind of had an epiphany after I had my daughter – I didn’t want her to have to go through all that, and I just want her to accept herself.

“I started eating normally and being active and after having two children was a size 12-14 and curvy.

“I feel like this is my true shape, and I am being my true shape.

“It took me a long time to stop picking on myself, but I got to a point of self-acceptance.

“I started to feel happy just letting me be me.”


It was at this point Danielle decided to start plus size modelling.

She said: “The model in me never left. I’ve always loved modelling, once I was in healthy state of mind I started plus-size modelling.

“I’ve never been so happy. Everyone has been so lovely and I have never been so accepted.”

Danielle has now started a hashtag campaign called embraceyourshape to advocate for body acceptance.

She added: “We need more diverse bodies in modelling to reflect the wide range of women’s bodies.

“I would love to become more of a voice, a body positive advocate and would love to continue to empower.”