Six year old golfer is taking the sport by storm despite having one arm

A six year old golfer is taking the sport by storm despite only have ONE ARM.

Tommy Morrissey, from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, was born with one arm after he suffered blood complications in the womb.

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His parents, Marcia, 41, and Joe, 47, were left amazed when their baby began crying every time they changed the TV channel from golf.

And by 14 months old, he started swinging a golf club.

Now, aged six, he plays competitive golf against children and adults and despite only having on arm, he’s undefeated.

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Marcia, who works in private aviation, said: “He’s undefeated in the age four to five division.

“He got his first hole in one last year and he’s the winner of multiple six year old kid tournaments.

“Tommy even qualified for the US kids world championships.”

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And it’s not just kids, Tommy even challenges adults to a round of golf and could even one day rival his favourite golfer, Bubba Watson.

He said: “He has been challenging adults to contest since he was five years old.

“The PGA Tour, BMW North America and Cobra Puma have been tremendous advocates of Tommy’s inspiring journey.”

Aside from golf, Tommy loves drawing, being creative and has even raised $130,000 (£100K) for charity.

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Marcia added: “He is a funny little boy that has the heart and drive of a champion.

“Tommy is highly competitive with a never quit attitude and he has raised so much money for charity.

“His inspiring story has had a global impact, we have travelled as far as Indonesia to inspire others and share our story.”