Single stitch saves premature twins girls after early labour horror

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A single STITCH has saved TWO premature baby girls after their mum suffered a heart breaking early labour.

Terry-Ann Tunks, 34, from Burpengary, Queensland, Australia, was devastated after losing her first baby boy, Taj, at 22 weeks – her pregnancy had been normal until she suddenly went into labour.

But after falling pregnant with identical twin girls just 12 months later, Terry and her partner, Cameron Pollard, 32, were over the moon.

The first time parents were warned that Terry-Ann had a weak cervix but it wasn’t until she was 18 weeks pregnant that problems began to occur.

Terry-Ann was suffering from an incompetent cervix – whereby the tissue in the cervix are unable to hold a baby – something that can lead to premature or still born babies.

Doctors told the couple that they’re twins were unlikely to survive but thanks to her own research, Terry-Anne demanded a cervical stitch.

This single stitch thankfully saved the lives of their baby girls as Terry-Ann was able to carry them for another eight weeks.

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After defying all the odds, the couple welcomed their premature baby girls Cadence and Tori, who weighed less than two pounds each, on February 27.

And just six weeks ago, the twins arrived home for the first time.

Terry-Ann said: “After losing our first son, Taj, at 22 weeks, I was terrified about losing our twins the moment I fell pregnant.

“My weak cervix was the cause of my first early labour so I had extra scans as a precaution.

“Doctors noticed my cervix was weakening at 16 weeks and we were warned the likelihood of our twins surviving was slim.

“I was devastated but both me and Cameron refused to give up and that’s when I realised a single stitch could save my twins.

“I had to push for it and every week as my cervix became weaker, the chance of our girls surviving became less.



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“Thankfully at 18 weeks doctors finally gave me the stitch I desperately needed.

“It didn’t guarantee they’d survive but it gave them a chance, I couldn’t bare the thought of losing another baby.

“I was put on bed rest for 10 weeks and I defied all doctors expectations by lasting until 26 weeks and four days.

“After 12 weeks in hospital our babies, Tori and Cadence came home.”

Terry-Ann was so excited when she fell pregnant in 2015 but after 22 weeks of pregnancy, she went into labour.

She added: “I had no idea anything was wrong until I started getting contractions.

“There was nothing doctors could do to stop the labour and we sadly lost our baby at 22 weeks.

“When I fell pregnant again in 2016 I was happy but equally terrified about the thought of losing them, especially because there was two.

“After being told we were having twins my first thought was ‘oh no’ how will my body cope.

“My weak cervix had caused my first early labour but that didn’t mean it would cause another.

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“Sadly it did but because I had done my research, I knew what I could do to save my girls.

“I would encourage any mum’s to always push for the treatment they need.

“The stitch saved both my girls and I know without it that they wouldn’t have survived.”

Both Tori and Cadence picked up an infection in the uterus and were unable to breathe for themselves.

Terry-Ann said: “I couldn’t cuddle them for two weeks and when one twin was having a good day the other twin wasn’t.

“It was such an emotional rollercoaster but I’m so relieved to finally be home and for both twins to be doing so well.”

Since arriving home almost six weeks ago, Cadence and Tori have come on leaps and bounds.

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Terry-Ann said: “Both the twins now weigh over 7lbs and are doing so well, especially considering they were home two weeks before their due date.

“Tori, who was always more delayed than Cadence, is so feisty already.

“It’s been all hands on deck since arriving home but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

“We know how lucky we are that both of our girls survived, we call them our double rainbow as they’re both little miracles.”