Single mum ditches day job to accompany men on lunch dates – and even takes her kids along

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A single mum-of-two has ditched her day job to make a living accompanying men on lunch dates – and she even takes her kids along.

Kristen Barone, 35, left her job as an energy broker to focus her time on her children Brayden, eight, and Victoria, 20 months.

In her search for an alternative source of income, the single mum, from Texas, USA, signed up for the dating site – where her date for the day not only pays the restaurant bill, but also for her company.

Over the past three years, Kristen has been on over 15 dates and has raked in thousands of pounds.

Kristen admitted that she often takes her children with her on lunch dates but insists she is not interested in pursuing romantic relationships.

The full time mum now earns more than her previous full time wage and encourages other mum’s to follow suit.

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Kristen said: “Being a single mum has been tough for me financially and so being able to go on a lunch date and come back with $200 is amazing, it’s more than I have ever earnt before.

“It’s great that I can take my children with me if I need too, it means that I don’t have to find childcare and they get treated to lunch as well.

“I can fit the dating around my schedule and I now just work whenever I need too.

“I also want to spend as much time with my children as possible and having a full time job doesn’t allow you to do that.

“Victoria is too young to understand but I always tell Brayden what I am doing and where I am going.

“I’m always open and I wouldn’t do anything that I wouldn’t want my kids to do, I have no secrets.

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“No one who I have ever spoken to has crossed the line, I make it clear from the beginning that there will be nothing more than a friendship and sexual relationships are completely out of bounds.”

Kristen was referred to the online dating site, What’s Your Price, by friends who suggested that the site could help her earn a desirable income.

She added: “I didn’t want to date romantically, I just wanted a friend to do fun activities with, and the site is perfect for picking exactly what you want.

“The dates have all varied, I have been on lunch dates, trips to the cinema, and shopping to accompanying someone to the gym or the beach.

“I usually date a different a guy every time but there are a few that I have seen on numerous occasions and we have actually become really good friends.

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“My children’s acting and modelling careers are taking off and so the money has been really useful when we are traveling around.

“And it’s ideal as I can date wherever I am, which is really important when we are not at home.

“As well as going on dates I do have a few jobs on the side, I am a qualified massage therapist, a yoga teacher, swimming teacher and a nanny.

“But I just do these whenever I have the time.”

Kristen admitted that the men she dates are much older than herself and are not the type of men she would consider romantically dating.

Kristen said: “Most of the men are just looking for company whilst they travel or are away on business.

“And some of them are married, but if I know they have a family then I always ask about their wife and children, I like to remind them not to cross the line.

Pic from Caters News 

“I think the only negativity you would get from the site is if you are not upfront from the beginning.

“I am very particular and have always got what I asked for.”

Kristen charges $100 (£76) per date, but that fee can go up to $200 (£153) depending on what the date has in store for her.

She added: “As well as paying me for my company the men will always pay the bill, so it’s a nice treat for me too.

“Sometimes if we go shopping the guys will treat me, I once bought a pair of shoes and a dress for Victoria.

“It’s definitely something I will be carrying on with for the foreseeable future.”