Seven-year-old boy ninja who can perform amazing karate moves

Meet Nidal Ajib – he might only be seven, but he already staggers his friends and family with his incredible ninja-like skills.

Nidal, who has been filmed by his parents doing mind-blowing karate kicks and other combat moves first learned how to do a backflip aged only three.

Since then, his talents have only grown.

Videos filmed by Wajih over a period of two months at the family home in Fresno, California, show Nidal performing dozens of amazing karate moves as he hones his skills.

Described by his Dad as a “natural gymnast and a very quick learner,” Nidal started his journey to become a Kung fu master after watching his older brother doing backflips.

“He decided to join in and mimic them, and they all freaked out by what he could do and started asking if he could do this or that… and he did,” Wajih Ajib said.

Ever determined, Nidal has largely trained himself but has had help from a few people.

“He is mostly self-taught, his brother Jamel works with him on learning new stuff.

“Nidal will watch something, either in person or video, and usually be able to mimic the move, sometimes it takes only once and sometimes 100 tries, but he doesn’t give up until he has mastered before moving on, or getting tired, in which case he will continue the next day.”