Serial sperm donor who calls himself a ‘modern day Jesus’ only has sex when donating

A serial sperm donor who calls himself a ‘modern day Jesus’ claims he only has sex when donating – and never for pleasure.

Over the past five years Kyle Gordy has fathered 18 children and currently has seven more babies on the way.

The 27-year-old from Los Angeles, California, USA, has travelled across the country in order to impregnate scores of women who have sought out his sperm.

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Kyle said he always dreamed of having lots of children but never felt compelled to get into a relationship as he is turned off by high divorce rates and the responsibility that comes with monogamy.

But in 2014, Kyle turned to online classifieds website Craigslist to advertise his sperm and just two weeks later made his very first donation to a local woman via artificial insemination.

After a successful pregnancy, Kyle said the word spread about his ‘strong sperm’ and soon he was being inundated with requests from lots of different women who were seeking a donation.

The part-time accountant said: “I always wanted to have kids, but I never really wanted to have a relationship.

“I’ve had a few failed ones and it’s just not something I’ve wanted to do.

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“I was going to apply to a sperm bank, but the whole thing just felt so cold and clinical.

“I also didn’t like the fact that you never knew where your sperm goes or what happens to it. I wanted to be more involved.

“I turned to craigslist and advertised my sperm. Within two weeks I was making my first donation.

“Then it just built up from there after I started getting recommendations and followings.

“Kids are a huge responsibility, and I think that is too much for me to handle. So now I can have kids and help women at the same time.

“My sperm is much better than what is in a sperm bank as it’s strong and fresh during the donation, while I also do it all for free.

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“The specimens at a bank could be sitting there for years. You don’t really know what you’re getting.

“I have no idea why a woman would want to use a sperm bank when she could just use me.

“People have called me a modern day Jesus, and I have to agree with that.

“I’m very generous and giving, and the fact that I’m Jewish while Jesus was also Jewish.”

Out of his 18 children and seven current pregnancies, Kyle said that six of these were conceived through natural sexual intercourse.

He also claims he never has casual sex for pleasure or without the intention of getting a woman pregnant – and the only time he engages in intercourse is for the purpose of donating sperm.

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Over the past five years, Kyle says he has donated to women aged 18 to 42 and across all races.

He said: “Some women don’t want to do artificial insemination as they don’t want to waste time and they feel it will be most effective if we do it the old-fashioned way.

“They will ask if we can just have sex, and I’ll tell them I’m up for it and we exchange STD tests.

“I do like natural insemination as I get to know them more and it feels like a connection.

“It’s also usually more effective than natural insemination.

“Obviously, I’m a guy, so it is fun to do it that way if we both like each other.

“It could be considered a fringe benefit of what I do, and I enjoy it.”

Pic by Jonathan Celis/Caters News

While Kyle has only met four of his kids in person, he said he receives updates about all his children.

Kyle has even created a Facebook group dedicated to the mothers of his children, who use the space to talk with each other and exchange photos of their kids – who are all half-siblings.

He said: “We’re like a little modern family. It’s really nice to see the mum’s all speaking to each other and swapping photos.

“For me, this is so much better than donating to a sperm bank. This way I get pictures, I get to be friends with the mothers and see my kids grow up.”

Health-conscious Kyle eats organic food while also consuming 18 different herbs and supplements a day to ensure his sperm is in tip-top shape.

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He also claims that he never consumes caffeine, drinks alcohol, uses drugs or smokes cigarettes – while he also gets multiple STD checks throughout the year.

He said: “I need to keep myself healthy, so I have the best sperm. This is really important to me.

“It might seem excessive, but I want to make sure what I’m donating is healthy.”

In order to make his sperm donations, Kyle has travelled from his hometown of Los Angeles and around California to other US states including Alaska, Colorado, Texas and Kansas.

Kyle said he does not charge anything for his donations but only asks that his clients compensate him for any expenses involved in the process, such as flight and hotels.

He also plans travel to Hawaii and even Dubai later in the year – with Australia, the UK and Canada on his wish list.

He said: “My next step is to start donating internationally.

“I’ll keep doing this for as long as I can, but I know I’ll have to stop one day when I get too old.

“But for now, I’m really enjoying it and have no plans of stopping.”