Scot mum married to 32 YEARS OLDER NODDY HOLDER DOPPELGANGER forced to tell strangers her husband is son’s father not grandfather

A Scottish woman married to a 32 YEARS OLDER NODDY HOLDER DOPPELGANGER has been forced to tell confused strangers that her husband is their child’s father not his grandfather.

Michelle Macpherson, 28, never thought a relationship with Jerry Fielden, 60, would last in the long term before they saw each other for the first time ten-years-ago.


They met in person in Michelle’s hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2008 after spending two years bonding over the band Deep Purple on

She felt ‘instantly attracted’ to Jerry from Quebec, Canada, who would later be her first boyfriend, after seeing images, falling for his nice eyes, smile and curly hair.

His long hair, which she says draws countless compliments, also led him to be compared to ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ singer Noddy Holder of the band Slade.

The couple’s 32-year age gap was initially disapproved of by Michelle’s family, but they got married in 2010 and say over times things have changed – next year will be their 10th year together.

The loved-up pair who have son Gillan, 6, say the only corrections they have to make is people confusing Jerry for their son’s grandfather.

Michelle, a stay-at-home-parent, said: “I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out at first, but it did, we are happily married and have our son together, so I’m glad we tried.

“Before meeting face to face, we had sent pictures back and forth to one another, so we weren’t surprised about our ages, he never lied about his age and really I was shocked by how great he looked.


“I felt instantly attracted and connected to him, he has nice eyes, a gorgeous smile and incredible curly hair that he’s always getting compliments for.

“Jerry has been compared to Noddy Holder in the past, it’s not something we take too seriously, we just laugh it off and play along.

“We sometimes make jokes about it as a bit of fun but not something we think about every day.

“At first there were a lot of feelings from my family that it wouldn’t be a good relationship because there was such a big age gap.

“They are all pretty much accepting of him now, he’s my husband and have been for quite some time.

“They realise that we aren’t a temporary thing, we are in it for the long haul.

“Most people will see age difference rather than seeing what a couple share together, with Jerry and I, we have so much in common.

“The only time we have had any problems over our age is around our son, some people think he is his grandfather rather than his father.

“We hope our son doesn’t face any backlash over us having an age-gap, but we are prepared for those kinds of comments – fortunately nothing has happened so far.”

The couple met online over myspace in 2006, bonding over a shared love for the band Deep Purple and the leader singer Ian Gillan – who they would later name their son after.

Over time Michelle would become a confidant for Jerry, who was having relationship troubles and eventually two years-on they would meet face to face.


Michelle said: “We started messaging each other about our love for Deep Purple just as friends to begin with, I didn’t consider anything romantic at first.

“He was having relationship problems and things weren’t going very well, I was always there for him as someone to talk to.

“When we both met for the first time in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2008, we had a lot in common from Deep Purple to photography and more, everything just felt right.

“We had been friends for a long time before deciding to be together and discussed it a few months before we met.

“Jerry was the first person I dated, he was my first relationship so at the time I didn’t know if it was going to work out but thankfully it did.”

After meeting in Scotland, Michelle would later fly to see Jerry in Canada, solidifying a relationship that would eventually see the couple happily married.

Michelle said: “When I was able to visit him, I was able to spend more time with him and get to know him much better.

“I knew so much about him already from talking online, I didn’t know it would be a long-term thing then but as time went on I realised we would be together.”

Michelle and Jerry now play in the band AraPacis together, with her as the lead singer and him on the guitar.


She added: “It’s really fun playing alongside Jerry, he has been a musician since 1969 so he’s very focussed and driven.

“To be able to stand next to him on stage and deliver the music we make is pretty special.”

The couple who will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary next year, say they have been ‘lucky’ not to face too much backlash over their relationship.

Michelle said: “A lot of people out and about are pretty indifferent, they see us at a restaurant eating a meal as a family so we don’t really experience much negativity.

“It can be difficult if you’re in an age-gap relationship, but if you and your partner are determined to make it work then that’s all that really matters.

“Age-gap couples get a lot of negative comments and reactions, if you have a strong relationship you can work through the tough times and prove people who disapprove wrong.”