Say ‘high’ to the 6ft 7in transexual who says she can’t find love after being dumped by a string of men – because she’s too tall!

A 6ft 7in transsexual has said she’s struggling to find love because men can’t deal with the fact she’s taller than them.

Ebony towers over people in the street

Ebony towers over people in the street

Stunning Ebony, 30 – born Mark – had a full sex swap last year – and hoped she’d finally be able to live the life she always dreamed of.

She’s got the curvaceous figure and enviably long legs – but Ebony, from Chatham, Kent, says she can’t bag a boyfriend – because men are put off by her HEIGHT.

She said: “I’ve been dressing like a woman since I was 18, however I only began fully living as a woman since I was 22.

“My height is always something I have worried about before transitioning.

Transgender beauty queen Ebony Lewis

Transgender beauty queen Ebony Lewis

“Heels would just make me look abnormally tall, as I thought I looked too tall to start with.

“I felt, because I was so tall, no guy would ever want to be with me or be seen in public with me.

Stunning, Ebony, born Mark, came to the UK after fleeing her native Jamaica, after being ridiculed for trying to dress as a woman.

She forked out £6000 for a boob job in 2009 – and last year finally made the full transistion to a woman last year, after a £12,000 NHS-funded op.

Although she has no shortage of offers from guys when she goes out, she says her relatinships never last longer thana couple of dates – because she’s yet to meet a man taller than her.


She added: “When I’ve been out on a date with me, people would point and stare and I’d often overhear people say ‘Oh My God, look how tall that woman is’.

“My date would pretend they hadn’t heard the comments or that it hadn’t bothered them but I knew it did.

“I’ve always been honest with men and I tell them about my past and when I transitioned and they’re fine with it.

“Relationships would always fizzle out before they got serious and they would tell me how tall I was and how they liked girls shorter than them.

“My most recent relationship broke down because I was so much taller than the guy – he was only 5ft 6in.

Transgender beauty queen Ebony Lewis

Transgender beauty queen Ebony Lewis

“In arguments he’d tell me I was so tall that no-one would want to be seen with me and he would call me a freak.”

Ebony felt so self-conscious about her height she once refused to wear heels and walked with her head down as she was embarrassed of her height and felt she was being stared at everywhere she went.

She even paid for counselling sessions, visiting a counsellor once a week for a month, with each session costing £50 a time.

She said: “I used to have counselling regarding my height and transitioning, until one day, I saw a really tall girl at the train station who absolutely owned it.

“It made me realise being a woman isn’t to do with your height and what people will think of you, but how you embrace it; so I did just that – I embraced it.


“Some men find me intimidating or say I am too tall for them, but I don’t let it worry me anymore, as I’m a believer that there’s somebody for everyone.

“I gained a lot of confidence from watching The Face, Victoria Secret Shows and America’s Next Top Model, which made me realise that being tall is not abnormal, is it in fact the opposite.

“I decided to be proud and embrace it like all the extremely tall models do.

“I think it does affect my love life and I do find it difficult to find a man, but I still turn a lot of heads because of my height.

“In the beginning, I always thought they were staring at me because I was weird. but I have gained confidence now as the years have gone by.

“Now I’ve transitioned, I turn heads on the street, not just because of my height, but because I’m a confident strong woman.

“If someone likes you for you, you shouldn’t feel like you’re not worthy of love because of your height, I know there will be someone out there for me.”