Savvy coupon queen forks out just £4.05 on £574 worth of Christmas gifts, decorations and festive snacks

Is this the cheapest Christmas in Britain? This savvy coupon queen has shelled out just £4.05 on £574 worth of Christmas gifts, decorations and festive snacks – including the cost of her plastic bags!

Jennifer Drew with her coupons

Jennifer Drew with her coupons

Frugal Jennifer Drew, 32, from Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, has managed to spend UNDER £5 on more than £500 of gifts.

Jennifer, who lives with her husband Neil, 33, and two-year-old son Nicholas, has managed to work costs down by collecting coupons, supermarket points, newspaper offers and money-back promotions.

The pennywise shopper collected £574 in vouchers over the year and only had to part cash with £4.05 – managing to earn herself a free Christmas dinner, Christmas tree, presents, decorations, cards, crackers and even a Christmas pudding.

Jennifer said: “Christmas is an expensive time of year but not if you’ve got coupons!

“I’ve spent next to nothing this year by collecting coupons and looking for deals.

“It does add up, particularly when you’ve got a young child to provide for.

“The prices are ridiculous at Christmas time so collecting coupons is a great way around it.

Jennifer Drew with her coupons and some of her coupon buys

Jennifer Drew with her coupons and some of her coupon buys

“I’ve had a free Christmas tree and I won’t have to pay a penny for serving up a traditional Christmas dinner – it’s a massive help, particularly with all the savings on presents as well.”

Jennifer didn’t stop there though – managing to buy her husband a Toshiba sound bar worth £98 for just £4, a Bodyshop gift set worth £20 for just £4 and an entire paw patrol set for her son worth £25 completely free by shopping the bargains on Black Friday.

She collected £83 worth of gifts from Boots, £200 worth of Amazon and PC World gifts from Quidco cashback, £33 from Natwest rewards and £80 from Tesco’s Christmas savers club.

Her most impressive buy this Christmas was a present for her mother-in-law – a £50 Kindle Fire free of charge paid for with Amazon vouchers she earned in cashback from moneysaving website Quidco.

And she’s even saved enough vouchers to buy herself SIX TURKEYS – although she says she will give five of them away to friends and family.

Jennifer Drew with her coupons and some of her coupon buys

Jennifer Drew with her coupons and some of her coupon buys

She said: “My Christmas tree was free from newspaper coupons and my Christmas dinner was free from supermarket coupons.

“It’s just a matter of being patient and being aware of the deals around you – they’re everywhere.

“I’m really pleased with my mother-in-law’s present – it was brought on black Friday using Amazon vouchers I got for free from Natwest loyalty rewards.”

English teacher Jennifer is so keen on a bargain she can’t bear to miss out, even if it’s a product she doesn’t need.

She estimates she saves a whopping £70 each week on a food shop – and once even managed to bag a weeks’ worth of shopping for just 29p.

Jennifer uses newspaper coupons alongside websites like wowcher and groupon to find the ultimate bargain.

She said: “I can’t imagine life without coupons and, to be honest, I don’t understand why no one else is cashing in.

 Jennifer Drew with her coupons and some of her coupon buys

Jennifer Drew with her coupons

“Once you get to grips with the process, it’s very simple. What people don’t realise is that a bit of research can save hundreds of pounds.”

The frugal mum-of-one, even has a whole room of her house dedicated to storing up products that she’s bagged on multi-buy deals.

Her obsession with couponing started when she became pregnant with son Nicholas, now two.

She suffered from severe pregnancy insomnia and stumbled across American television show Extreme Couponing.

She said: “I was watching TV late at night just because I couldn’t sleep.

“I came across this programme about couponers and thought I’d give a try. By the time my husband Neil came down for work, I’d saved more money than I’d earn in a full day’s pay.”

Full breakdown of Jennifer’s savings:

£200 worth of Amazon presents spent with vouchers gained using Quidco cashback.

Spent £4 on a Toshiba sound bar worth £98.

£83 worth of Boots gifts spent with vouchers gained from collecting loyalty points.

Spent £33 on PayPal with money from Natwest rewards points.

£80 worth of goods and presents at Tesco spent with vouchers gained from their Christmas savers club.

Jennifer Drew with her son Nicholas

Jennifer Drew with her son Nicholas

Acquired a £40 Christmas tree from Thompson and Morgan from a newspaper voucher.

Free £10 Bernard Matthews turkey from Tesco.

Spent £20 at Tesco and Morrison’s from newspaper vouchers.

Spent £10 at Sainsbury’s with Nectar loyalty points.

Spent £0.05 on a plastic shopping bag at Sainsbury’s.

Total money spent from vouchers and coupons: £574.

Total outgoings other than from vouchers and coupons: £4.05.

For more information and money-saving tips, Jennifer runs a website with fellow bargain queen Ashleigh Swan here: