Rugby player forced to wait three hours for an ambulance after twisting his ankle 90 degrees

A rugby player who snapped his ankle a horror fall that left it twisted at a 90 degrees angle was left waiting on a freezing rugby pitch for THREE HOURS after an ambulance failed to arrive.

3 Hour Wait for Ambulance

Luigi Segadelli’s ankle ankle after breaking it during a rugby match

Luigi Segadelli feared he could lose his foot after waiting for more than three hours on the rugby pitch for an emergency vehicle to arrive.

3 Hour Wait for Ambulance

Despite the horrific injury, Luigi had to wait 3 hours for an ambulance to arrive

Luigi was left lying face down on the cold, wet and muddy pitch at Morriston Rugby Club after his ankle twisted almost 90 degrees. The break occurred after a tackle during a second-team game against Dunvant on Saturday afternoon.

3 Hour Wait for Ambulance

Luigi eventually made it to hospital to have his leg put in a cast

The incident took place shortly after the match’s 2.30pm kick-off and, due to the long wait for the ambulance, the match had to be abandoned.

3 Hour Wait for Ambulance

Luigi had to phone for an ambulance five times before help eventually arrived

Luigi said: “The rugby club is only five minutes away from the hospital so none of us thought we’d be waiting for half an hour, let alone three!

“It was ridiculous. I couldn’t move and it was freezing cold. We phoned for an ambulance at least five times but nothing came. It was so frustrating!

“I’m a proud rugby player so I was up for moving to the hospital but there was no way I could move my ankle, it would have made things worse. Still, the fact that it was considered as an option shows how frustrating the wait was.”

The wait was so long that the club had to put on the pitch’s floodlights as the light faded. He was wrapped in blankets and clothing to protect him from the cold.

Luigi’s fiancée, Louise, 29, was at the cinema with their four-year-old daughter Ava but even their film had finished before his ambulance arrived.

The 30-year-old broke both his tibia and fibia. When paramedics arrived he was told that he could lose his foot due to the severity of the injury but also because it had been exposed to cold for such a long time.

He was given morphine at the scene before an ambulance arrived and took him to Morriston Hospital.

He said: “When we finally got to the hospital, I was pretty out of it but I did notice how incredibly busy A&E was. They just couldn’t cope, it was chaos.

“To be fair, the paramedics and all the hospital staff were brilliant and treated me really well once the ambulance arrived. It was just the wait that was so annoying and potentially dangerous.

“I feel really lucky, it could have been worse!”

Luigi who works for Swansea Council, said: “I had only played about 20 minutes. I was making a run and tried to hand someone off and fell on my leg, simple as that.

“These things happen in a contact sport but you don’t expect to have to wait three hours for an ambulance.”

“I was cold and shaking and at one point I did start to panic. The hospital staff were brilliant in the end, they’re just really overstaffed. It’s upsetting because it suggests that this sort of thing could happen again.”

Luigi’s 61-year-old father, Anthony, was at the game and stayed with his son throughout the ordeal. Luigi certainly appreciated his family’s support:

“My family were there for moral support which was a big help. My Dad helped me through it just by being there and it gave me a huge lift when my little girl arrived with my fiancée.

“The support’s been quite touching, even some of the Dunvant club have been in touch to find out how I am.”

“I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else. I want an apology for the delay, they must have the decency to make sure it does not happen to anyone else again.”

A spokesman for the Welsh Ambulance Service said: “Demand on our ambulance service over the Christmas and new year period was unprecedented, and it meant we were unable to respond to some calls in the time we would have liked. Unfortunately, the call to help Mr Segadelli was one of those calls.

“The trust has had contact from Mr Segadelli and will now be looking into the matter to ensure we have a full understanding of what happened.

“In the meantime, we would like to wish him a speedy recovery.”