Rodrigo Alves undergoes 70th surgery to become a ‘pop icon’ with ‘sexy cat eyes’ and a smaller chin ready for Eurovision debut

Rodrigo Alves has undergone his 70th surgery to become a ‘pop icon’ with ‘sexy cat eyes’ and a smaller chin ready for his Eurovision debut.

Known as the Human Ken Doll, the 35-year-old Brazilian, went under the knife for the third time this month having previously had numerous lifts, replacing a chin implant and a nose job to help him breathe.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Rodrigo with his giant chin implant wrongly selected before while under anaesthesia

Earlier this week [TUES], he completed procedures in Tehran, Iran, after having eyelid surgery to reshape his eyes to give them a ‘sexy and smouldering’ look – from Dr. Moslem Ghobadi.

The operations are in preparation for him to release his first Aqua ‘Barbie Girl’ style song called, ‘Plastic World’ – about his dalliances with body moderation.

The plastic performer who has had £600,000 worth of changes, will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest opening party less than four months away in May in Tel Aviv.

Rodrigo said: “I had very the very controversial canthopexy surgery. No one has cat eyes unless they have had work done to make them look like a cat.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Rodrigo bruised and swollen after the eye lid surgery to give him sexy cat eyes

“It makes your eyes look sexy, more awake and if you are using make-up, it can enhance their look even more.

“My surgeon cutaway the skin and removed it, then he pulled the muscles together.

“Now I can’t close my eyes and need medication drops while I recover.

“Luckily, I’m healing quickly, I’m like The Bionic Man, thanks to so much hyperbaric oxygen therapy and my face lift has already healed.

“Whenever I nap now, I struggle to close my eyes properly, they don’t shut 100% like normal but eventually they will.

“I have had this work in-preparation for performing at the Eurovision opening party and have been trying to turn myself into a pop icon.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Rodrigo now after his cat eyes surgery and showing the implant put in his chin now much smaller than the other

“I want to transform myself from Ken Doll to looking like a pop star, I’m changing my wardrobe, my look and haircut.

“I want to look less boring, I don’t want to look like a 35-year-old.

“My song ‘Plastic World’ celebrates those who have had body modifications to be happy, to help them own it and live life.

“It’s a very cheesy pop-song, it’s like Barbie Girl by Aqua, but now this song is from the Ken Doll instead.”

After waking-up from the fourth surgery to his chin two weeks ago with Dr. Shahriar Ilkhani from Parisian Beauty, Rodrigo realised it looked too big.

Eventually he realised, while under deepening sedation prior to the operation that he selected the wrong silicone implant and has since had it altered this week [MON].

Rodrigo said: “I was brought lots of different silicone implants but by then I was groggy and drunk from the sedation and picked the wrong one.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Rodrigo showing wrong implant

“When I woke up, I realised it wasn’t the one I wanted and was far too big, so I made my surgeon Dr. Shahriar Ilkhani change it for me.

“I now have a diamond shaped chin that looks good and I’m very happy.”

Rodrigo’s most recent surgery yesterday [WEDS] with Dr. Moslem Ghobadi marks his 70th in total and third time under anaesthetic in a month.

But he believes he is healing well with his recovery has been sped-up by hyperbaric oxygen therapy – a treatment that allows the body to take in more oxygen – promoting stem cell developed to repair damage inside the body.

This treatment is usually reserved for divers suffering from ‘the bends’, also known as decompression sickness (DCS), and people with diabetes, whose bodies struggle to heal from wounds.

Rodrigo said: “Three lots of general anaesthetic in a month is not very good or healthy, now I have to rest, follow a diet routine, minerals and vitamins.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Rodrigo bruised and swollen after the surgery

“During my time in Iran, I have had a temple life, cheek lift, middle facelift, lip lift and my nose reconstructed from cartilage, which has saved my breathing.

“I did some research and while a Harley Street doctor does nose operations three or four times a week, a surgeon out here in Iran does it three or four times a day.

“Practice makes perfect, we all know a person is much better in their jobs if they practice it a lot.”

During his recovery, Rodrigo reports to have put on two stone (28lbs) as he is rarely active, constantly eating room service, or in the clinic.

He hopes to shed the excess weight before his performance at Eurovision, claiming he will ‘wow’ viewers with his singing, dancing and entertaining flare.

Rodrigo said: “My song is pop and fun, it gives the people want they expect from a popstar who can sing, dance and entertain.

PICS BY RODRIGO ALVES / CATERS NEWS: Rodrigos eye lid surgery to give him cat shaped eyes – cutting away skin the tightening the areas

“My music will inspire people to follow their dreams, to do what they want without being judged.

“Everyone is afraid of being judged, regardless of whether they have had surgery or not.

“I encourage safe plastic surgery if it will benefit them, but I always think people should be educated.

“I have a degree and can speak five languages, so it’s not all about my surgery, I can also sing and dance too because I’m hardworking and dedicated.”