Real-life Tarzan swings, flips, and traverses from trees with seamless fluidity in incredible ‘rural parkour’ display

This rural parkour fanatic resembles the real-life Tarzan, as he displays incredible dexterity while swinging, flipping and traversing through trees with a seamless fluidity.

In the forests of Dinard, France, free-running fanatic Vincent Bohanne has put a rural twist on traditional parkour, leaving many to label him as the ‘real life Tarzan’.


Launching himself from one tenuous tree to another, the 23-year-old former stuntman is able to bounce from bark to branch seamlessly as if defying gravity, thanks to eight years of practice.

From back-flipping out of a swing onto the ground, to swinging between two branches several feet apart, wild-at-heart Vincent is relishing the comparisons made between him and his childhood hero, Tarzan.

Vincent, who is part of an online parkour group, ‘West Coast Family’, said: “I started parkour about eight years ago when I was 15, and since then I’ve been totally in love with it.

“I was always outdoors and climbing trees before this, but then I decided to combine the two.

“I just love the feeling when my body is hanging by my hands, it’s so invigorating.


“I grew up next to the forest and have spent a lot of time there.

“It’s a very nice training room because you can fall, the floor is soft and not the branches aren’t too hard – no one can disturb me, I can fully express myself.

“Trees have always been my passion, I studied forest management and botany, so I feel like I have a good understanding of the trees and the right tricks to do on them.

“It doesn’t come without its risks of course.

“Sometimes I train on branches over seven feet high, and I know that any mistake I make could be fatal.

“Of course, when I swing for too long I get lots of wounds on my hands and body, but thankfully I haven’t suffered any really bad injuries.


“The first person think of when they see me is Tarzan, either that or a monkey as I’m so at home in the trees.

“I used to be a stuntman but after an ankle injury, I now teach sport and parkour.

“Training in the trees makes me so happy, I love doing it every day.”