Real Life Rapunzel! Woman With 4ft 6in Hair Hasn’t Cut Her Hair For 30 Years

A real-life Rapunzel who hasn’t cut her hair since she was a little girl now has tresses that are as long as she is tall.

Balvinder Kaur, 35, hasn’t had a proper haircut for almost 30 years – and admits it takes her 15 minutes just to run a brush through her hair.

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She regularly trims the split ends to keep her hair looking healthy – and now has thousands of Instagram followers who love the pictures of her luscious locks.

Balvinder, from India, said: “People call me Real Rapunzel.

“They appreciate my hair and ask me how to grow healthy hair and how do I have healthy and long hair.

“I feel absolutely blessed to have such beautiful hair.

“I am from a Sikh family and I like long hair.

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“I started growing hair a kid but used to trim it once in a month.

“My grandmother and my dad had long hair. So I wanted to grow my hair like them.”

She was inspired by her father and grandmother who have never cut their hair following religious practices.

Balvinder, however, timely trims her mane to keep them growing healthy and shiny.

Because of her lustrous hair, she has amassed a following of 11,000 fans on Instagram and regularly posts videos of her silky hair, at times slipping away from a bun, on requests. 

To keep her hair healthy and shiny, Balvinder eats lots of vegetables and follows a high protein diet.

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She massages her hair with a concoction of almond, coconut and olive oil twice a week and doesn’t experiment with shampoos.

She says: “I spend nearly £60 a month on taking care of my hair.

“I wash it twice a week with a Body Shop shampoo and conditioner and use hair serum to untangle my hair.

“It takes 20-25 minutes to wash my hair and another 15 minutes to brush them if completely wet or entangled.”

Although Blavinder loves her tresses which also played a role in helping her find a husband, she says that it is not easy to maintain them.

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She said: “I only let my husband touch and style my hair.

“He had noticed me for my long hair and then proposed me saying that he will take care of my hair for life.

“He likes to comb my hair and oil it with care.

“It’s very difficult to manage long tresses.

“I can’t keep my hair down most of the time – usually I just tie it up in a bun.

“Although I try different hairstyles, I prefer tying them into a bun when in rush.”

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Blavinder surprisingly takes only two minutes to make a bun.

Despite the length of her hair, she doesn’t wish to create any record.

She says: “I want healthy and shiny hair.

“Floor length or ankle length is best not more than it.

“I just believe in having healthy hair and don’t want to make a world record of it”