Real Life Little Miss Sunshine! British Woman Wears Nothing But Yellow And Fills House With Only Yellow Items

A British woman covers herself in head to toe yellow clothes and buys only items in the same bright hue.

Real life Little Miss Sunshine Ella London, who is from Coventry but lives in Los Angeles, has been wearing tops, trousers and jumpsuits the colour of sunshine for the last seven years.

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The 35-year-old – whose nickname is Miss Sunshine – is so obsessed with the lemon colour that everything from her lipstick and eye shadow to her underwear is all yellow.

Not only that, the furniture in her house is the same golden shade – including a massive marmite pot, hug smiley face and a Christmas tree that stays up all year round – and she even had a yellow-themed wedding.

But Ella’s mellow yellow obsession also has a more poignant meaning as it was the favourite colour of her late dad Terry Weaver, who passed away from cancer when she just two months old.

Marketing strategist Ella said: “Yellow has always been integral in my life.

“To me, it means sunshine.

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“All my clothes are yellow, though I have never tried to count how many yellow things I own.

“But we must be talking in the thousands especially counting individual items, even my underwear is yellow.

“The first item I bought was a Marc Jacobs top from eBay.

“Over time as things broke in our house and we needed to replace things I would get yellow items instead, then someone gave me a yellow cardigan.

“The toughest yellow items to find are shoes, but now I’ve almost got too many of them.

“Every morning I go to my yellow makeup bag, put on yellow eye shadow and even use yellow lipstick on special occasions.

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“I know what I do isn’t considered normal, but it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong or silly or crazy – it’s a way to express yourself and to be yourself.

“I love the colour but for me it’s about the positivity of spreading sunshine and just being yellow, that’s why I do it.

“It’s been something that has organically followed me throughout my whole life.”

Ella, who grew up in Coventry but moved to Los Angeles in 2011, has been wearing yellow exclusively since 2012, after the collection of clothing she had been building up since 2008 became big enough.

She has thousands of items in her favourite colour, including her bright yellow Scion XB people carrier, which was named ‘Sunshinemobile’ by her Instagram followers, with the number plate ‘B Yellow’.

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When Ella’s dad Terry moved into the family home in Coventry with wife Jos Foster-Weaver, Ella’s mum, he decided to paint the window frames and doors of their house yellow – much to the chagrin of their neighbours.

Ella said: “Yellow was dad’s favourite colour, he was a cheeky guy and would do fun things.

“If someone was being too serious, he would say or do something to get things in a positive mood again.

“Yellow was a great representation of him.

“But my mom and dad decided to paint our window frames and doors bright yellow.

“Our neighbours weren’t too impressed by that.”

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After dating since 2005, Ella and her fiancé Dean Shepherd, were gearing up for their impending marriage in 2008 but couldn’t decide on a wedding colour.

Thinking red was too Christmassy for a summer wedding and palette colours like lilac and violet being overdone, they were a bit stuck.

That was until Dean suggested incorporating yellow, in an homage to Ella’s father, and they used it on button holes, bags and flowers.

Although they had planned everything in their wedding down to every last yellow detail, they thought their plans had been scuppered when a park ranger apologised for an algae problem with a nearby lake on the day of their wedding.

 But as luck would have it, the water had turned bright yellow and the couple – believing fate had given them the opportunity – took pictures in front of the sunshine surface.

Ella said: “I was really young when he died, so I realised I wanted to have that connection with him which is why we incorporated yellow at our wedding.

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“Having my dad’s blessing meant the world to us, having that connection and being able to look back on those photos is beautiful.

“The yellow lake was such a surprise on our wedding day, it was so stressful because of so much going on.

“In that moment, I just knew that my dad was there, at my wedding. For that to happen was amazing.

“But when I noticed the yellow lake it made it all real and suddenly brought us back to the reason we were there.

“People still can’t believe the lake was yellow, when they look over our wedding album, they thought we photoshopped it, but we didn’t. It was really special.”

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Through her Instagram page, Ella has reached out to a whole new group of people who adore her sunshine lifestyle, with many reaching out to give her compliments.

Ella said: “Being able to inspire other people to do that means the world to me and is one of the things that keeps me doing what I’m doing.

“Things come into my life, in some ways yellow found me throughout my childhood, it followed me and now people automatically give me yellow stuff.”