Ready braid success! Dad starts daughter hair care trend!

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A single dad has become an internet sensation – after becoming an expert at braiding his daughter’s hair.

Philippe Morgese was constantly frustrated with tangles in daughter Emma’s hair making their mornings difficult – and with little hair himself, had no idea how to manage his daughter’s tresses.

So the 34-year-old took to YouTube to teach himself how to tie ponytails, knots and braids – and now runs classes for other dads in how to style their little girls’ hair.

Philippe, who makes a living from eBay, soon found that despite multiple failures, he and his daughter always had a great time.

As he got better, the Florida dad decided he could try to help others.


The idea to start Daddy Daughter Hair Factory workshops came to Philippe when he read about another dad who was forced turned to a cosmetology school for help with his daughter’s hair.

Following the classes’ success, 17 similar workshops have sprung up around the US, following a model laid out by Philippe.

He said: “I remember reading about Greg Wickherst’s story so clearly. That planted the seed of thought which grew into the class you see today.

“I realised that dads needed classes to help with this, and I should be the one to do it.

“I reached out to friends of mine with daughters to see if they would be interesting in learning, and surprisingly all of them were very receptive.

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Philippe’s own attempts at doing his daughter’s hair started when she was four years old.

He was forced to try and detangle it when she woke up, and decided it he needed to learn to control it.

But as the more they practiced, the more he realised it was bringing him much closer to his daughter.

He said: “I used to get really frustrated with Emma’s hair. It was constantly tangled and out of place, which made our mornings so difficult.

“I struggled with the basics and my first braid was more of a knot.

“We used to watch videos that showed hairstyles Emma thought were really cool.

“I tried and failed so much, but we always ended up having a great time together.

“I was always very hands on with my work, so I knew eventually I’d figure out the hand movements.

“Like anything else, it’s just a matter of practising and you’ll get it.

“The enjoyment is the best part for us. My time with her is entirely unique, and we bond over many things including cooking, video games and adventuring around the world.

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“But doing her hair is great one-to-one time. Emma loves the attention I give her and I love that it inspires us to communicate.

When he gave his first workshop, Philippe had no idea how it would go.

Seven dads had signed up for his help, and several people from a hairdressing academy who also wanted to sit in and watch.

It was not a large crowd, but Philippe still admits to being worried about it.

He said: “I was nervous and not exactly sure how it would work out.

“Now I have a guide to make sure important things are covered, but the first class had absolutely no blueprint.

“But after an hour the room was full of smiles.

“I provided the supplies for the dads and my daughter helped me assemble the kits. These classes started out as, and always have been, a team effort between me and my daughter.”

The first workshop was such a success that following classes quickly filled up.

Unable to keep up with demand by himself, and keen to spread the classes to a wider audience, Philippe wrote a guide for others to follow

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There are now 17 other dads who run their own classes inspired by Philippe’s work.

The success is built on the positive feedback he receives from other parents.

Philippe said: “The feedback is great! I have had so many messages from fathers who have found this to be a beautiful way to connect with their daughters.

“In many cases, the relationship strengthens because of the added communication which takes place.

“I have noticed a huge increase in the number of dads doing hair. Pantene even had a Superbowl advert about it.

“We need the world to stop looking at men as if we are threats. We need role models for young fathers to follow. All our girls will benefit greatly from it.”

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