Prankster son flies 1200 miles to hilariously surprise dad who’s recovering from major surgery, dressed as a nurse for a fake home check-up

This dad is no stranger to being on the end of his prankster son’s elaborate rouses, but he didn’t see this surprise – which was 1200 miles in the making – coming.

From burying a bucket of spaghetti in his back garden to waking up to hundreds of cups of water placed all over his house, Paul Ryckert thought he had seen the last of son Dan’s antics when he moved from Shawnee, Kansas, to New York City – but he was wrong.

Suffering a series of scary complications following an otherwise routine appendectomy, Dan – despite being nearly 1200 miles-away – decided

to use his pranking prowess for the power of good, surprising his dad at home.

But Dan could not help messing with father first.

Disguising himself with a pair of nurse scrubs, two surgical masks and a medical briefcase, on February 24, Dan knocks on the front door of his parent’s home under the guise that he’s there to undertake a routine home check-up.


Paul’s suspicions, however, heighten when the seemingly erratic nurse begins to rummage in the kitchen, helping himself to not one, but two drinks from the fridge.

Mulling over the idea of confronting the ‘nurse,’ the 54-year-old walks over to ask for identification – but before he can do so, he’s stunned into a momentary silence, as the troublesome figure is reveal to be Dan, who leans in for a hug, laughing.

Realizing once again the jokes on him, Paul says, ‘This is unbelievable’, as Dan continues to chuckle at his bemusement.

Delighted to have cheered up his inhibited father, Dan said: “[After Surgery] Complications kept popping up and he kept having to stay longer [in

hospital] to fix a number of issues.

“There were points in the first week that sounded really bad, it was really scary.

“I was originally arranging to surprise by showing up at a lunch with my sisters, but as they weren’t available; I had to come up with something else.

“Since he’d been visited already by nurses at home, I came up with the idea to disguise myself as one.


“He’s not much of a prankster, so it’s always me messing with him – this is very typical [of our relationship].

“This might have been the most successful prank yet, though.

“I was nervous because I thought he might recognize my eyes, so I kept moving and avoiding eye contact.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so surprised by anything – by his own admission he’s never been so shocked as he was in the moment that I

took the mask off.

“I stayed with him for a few days and we even recorded a podcast together about the whole event.

“Outside of a bit of exhaustion, he seems like he’s back to his old self and back to normal.”