Pole dancer flaunts colostomy bag to defy nurse who told her she’d never be able to wear pretty bikinis after lifesaving surgery 

A pole dancer is flaunting her colostomy bag to defy the nurse that told her she’d never be able to wear pretty bikinis after surgery. 

Chloe Wilson, 22 – who was days from death when she opted to have her entire colon removed – was devastated when a nurse told her she should rethink her decision. 

Phil Crow/Caters News

She went on to warn Chloe that she would ‘never be able to wear pretty bikinis like her friends’ as her colostomy bag would be on show.  

After battling crippling stomach cramps since being a teenager, she was only diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a long-term condition where the colon and rectum become inflamed, last March. 

Brave Chloe decided to have her colon removed as this – combined with the fact no drugs had yet eased her pain – was her only real chance at having a future.  

Thankfully the nurses comments didn’t change her mind and when surgeons opened her colon they released it was so diseased she was only days from the organ failing completely. 

Phil Crow/Caters News

Chloe, from Crowle, Lincolnshire, is now sharing her story to show others that colostomy bags do not need to hold you back and she is infact still able to wear bikinis and sports clothing for pole fitness. 

The hairdresser said: “I’d been in hospital for five weeks when the nurse came over and asked if I was sure about my decision as I’d never be able to wear a bikini like my friends. 

“I was already upset as I was in so much pain but her comments made things so much worse. 

“It was lucky I hadn’t listened to her as surgeons warned that if I’d left things for much longer that it could have been fatal. 

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“I’d been in agony since I was 13 years old but doctors thought I was lactose intolerant. 

“It was only when I collapsed from pain last March that I finally got the answers I desperately needed. 

“I’m so lucky to have survived and I can finally pursue my passion for pole fitness. 

“Before surgery I was too ill to be able to endure high levels of exercise and if I’d not had the surgery when I did, doctors said I wouldn’t be here today. 

“I’m so happy I didn’t listen to the nurse who tried to put me down. 

“I wear pretty bikinis with pride and there’s no reason why I can’t, it’s good to be different.”

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Chloe is about to start competing in pole fitness competitions and wants to encourage others to flaunt their colostomy bags with pride. 

She added: “I was nervous the first time I put on a bikini and decided to show the world my colostomy bag. 

“But I soon realised that people really don’t care and especially in pole fitness as everyone is just supportive. 

“It was so draining being in agony constantly and before my surgery I was passing blood daily.

“It was unbearable but as soon as I had the surgery I felt so much more healthier. 

“I have since set up an Instagram page to showcase my pole fitness and colostomy bag journey to help others who might be going through something similar.”

Scunthorpe General Hospital – where Chloe was treated – have been contacted for a right of reply.