Pensioner who has never had a grey hair celebrates 104th birthday

A pensioner who has never had a grey hair has celebrated her 104th birthday.


OAP, Freda Taylor, Has never had a grey hair

Freda Taylor, from Coventry, still has a full head of naturally brown hair, despite having received four cards from the Queen to mark her ripe old age.


Freda Taylor with her thick head of brown hair

But instead of any fancy beauty creams or hair treatments, Freda puts her fantastic flowing locks down to clean living.


Pictured looking incredible for her age, Freda Taylor, is now 104.

Freda said: “I definitely put my healthy hair down to staying healthy all through my life – no cigarettes or big nights in the pub for me.”

The grandma was born in 1911 and has lived at Fairfield Care Home since April 2010.

Freda was one of seven siblings, she married husband Gordon just before the Second World War broke out and had one son, Keith.


Freda Taylor advises others to look after themselves to slow the ageing process

She spent the war years working for Hinkley Building Society collecting and delivering money between businesses around Bedworth on her bike while Gordon was part of the war effort in the Middle East.

And despite her many years, Freda’s memory is almost perfectly intact.

Freda said: “One of my earliest memories happened over 100 years ago on July 28, 1914 in Blackpool – I remember overhearing my father telling someone on the beach he’d just heard on the radio that we were at war.

“One memory I have of the Second World War was November 14, 1940 – the night Coventry suffered its biggest bombing raid.

“I had four-year-old Keith with me and my dad drove us in his car from the outskirts of Coventry to relative safety in Bulkington.

“It was a wicked journey and a night I will never forget. The bangs were horrible and made us all jump.

“I remember my brothers and I being under strict orders from dad not to smoke, and because I looked up to him so much, it was something I never did.

“I’ve never been much of a drinker either, so my advice to people would be to follow my dad’s advice and look after yourselves.”