Pakistani school girl mocked as bat girl is desperately waiting for cosmetic surgery to remove patch of dark hairy birthmark

Pakistani schoolgirl is desperately waiting for a cosmetic surgery to remove a dark patch of hairybirthmark from her face for which people ridicule her as ‘Bat Girl‘.

Mudasira Akbar,10, is a beautiful child with porcelain complexion and bright brown eyes.

But the little girl from Quetta in Pakistan has to keep her face meticulously covered with a head scarf because a massive patch of hairy birthmark is spread across the right side of her face.

To add to Mudasira’s woes, children in her school taunt her as Bat Girl-a name they have adopted from the popular DC Comic’s Character Batwoman because the patch resembles the superhero’s mask.


“Children in my school call me Bat girl. They are scared of my face and do not come close to me. I have to keep my half face covered with the headscarf,” says Mudasira, who studies in class 4th in a private school.

The regular insults and humiliation that their fourth child is facing has left Mudasira’s parents Muhammad Akbar Khan, 45 and Jamila, 39, devastated.

They say their daughter is slowly turning into a recluse as she does not step out of home in fear ofbeing mocked.

Jamila said: “Ever day she comes home crying because other students tease her. Even elder behave strangely with her.

“She avoids going anywhere and prefer to stay at home and play with her siblings. Even if we are going for a family picnic her preference would be to drop her to grand mother’s home.


“It breaks my heart to see my daughter suffering like this.”

In a desperate attempt to look beautiful, little Mudasira has now started taking help of lipsticks and makeup.

She said: “I want to look beautiful like other girls in my school. I wear lipstick and blush as I feel people will find me beautiful and ignore my birthmark.”

But her painstaking efforts go in vain as the patch is todark to conceal.

Mother Jamila said: “Earlier she was so ashamed of herself that she would not even look into the mirror. But now she has resorted to makeup. She spends hours trying to conceal it.


“She thinks the heavy powder and blush can hide her birthmark. But unfortunately, nothing helps asthe hairy birth mark is todark.”

When Mudasira was born, the birthmark was lighter with no hair. But as she grew older, the patchalso started spreading and hair grown thicker with time.

Her parents took her to several local doctors and were told a cosmetic surgery can fix the mark. However, that would cost them around a whopping £ 5,089.

“Doctors in Quetta have told us that her surgery is possible but total expense would be around 7 lakh Pakistani Rupees.

“This amount is too big for us. We can not accumulate this amount even if we sell all our belongings,” said Muhammad Akbar, who works as a security guard and makes a meager sum of£115 a month.


With the lack of money and their hopes thinning, the dejected parents are worried for their daughter’s future.

Jamila said: “I am afraid what will happen when she will reach the age of marriage. Will she ever get married has become the biggest concern of our life.

“We are very supportive of her. Her sisters are always standing by her side and instilling confidence in her. I am giving her education although my husband’s income is too less to afford private school education but we are sending her in an English medium school so that she get good basic education.”


“I keep telling her that she needs to be strong and that God has made her. I tell her to ignore comments and not to react but she is a child and it becomes difficult for her face the people.”

The parents are now desperately waiting for donations that could help fund their daughter’s surgery.

Muhammad Akbar said: “We have given her hope that this is only temporary and that her surgerywill remove her birthmark and she will be able to look like her sisters and all normal girl.

“We hope some bighearted people come forward for help.

“My daughter wishes to become a plastic surgeon and help children like her.”