One-of-a-kind beer developed to help breast cancer patients overcome “Chemo mouth”

This one-of-a-kind beer was has been created as a way to help breast cancer patients deal with “chemo mouth,” one of the negative side effects that comes as part of their treatment.

Chemotherapy can result in the likes of weakness, nausea and hair loss, and this beverage, Mamma Beer, is focused on overcoming the frustrating side effect of dysgeusia.

Pic from Mama BEER / Caters

Dysgeusia impacts the sense of taste, making foods taste bland, off, and even metallic. 

The non-alcoholic Mamma BEER, however, is packed with nutrients and a powerful flavour profile, allowing breast cancer patients to see it as somewhat of a treat, which regular beer may stop to become for some patients.

Mamma Help, a Czech-based advocacy group for breast cancer, is overseen by Jana Drexlerova, its CEO, and Jana herself said she experienced dysgeusia while going through her own breast cancer treatment, in 2011.

Foods would taste dull and sandy, Jana recently said, and so she and fellow survivor Tereza Sverakova opted to work on a beer-based product.

Pic from Mama BEER / Caters

Chemotherapy patients would taste beer as being extremely bitter, the pair said, and so they set out to make a beverage that was aimed specifically at women; contained a number of nutrients and vitamins; had no alcohol; and was sweeter than a regular beer, overcoming the bitterness issue.

Mamma Beer is produced by the Zatec Brewery, based around 40 miles outside Prague.

So far, it has appeared in a limited-edition sense, being sent to the likes of oncology wards across the country, as well as the likes of shows.

Going forward, Mamma staff hope the product can become more far-reaching.

Pic from Mama BEER / Caters

Jana Drexlerova said: “We are pleased that the oncologists who have been cooperating with us for a long time have supported us and recommended the beer to our patients. 

“The beer was also introduced at several beer festivals – they are very popular here. 

“We wanted to know the public opinion and were surprised by the great interest and the taste of beer was praised even by beer experts.

“We are now looking for ways to produce and distribute Mamma BEER in sufficient quantity to make it affordable for cancer patients. 

“And, of course, we also expect part of the proceeds from beer sales to support our activities – psychological and social assistance for women with breast cancer.”