Olympic gold medalist restrains speeding motorbikes as human link

A female Olympic gold medallist has revved her career up a gear – performing extreme stunts with speeding motorbikes.

Juli Moody, 37, is nicknamed ‘The Female Human Link’ because of her extraordinary ability to hold speeding motorbikes on the spot.

The former Olympic Power Lifting medal winner has become famous for holding back two screaming Harley Davidsons in a haze of tyre smoke and burning rubber.

Juli Moody performs extreme stunts with speeding motorbikes

Juli Moody performs extreme stunts with speeding motorbikes

But in her most recent outrageous stunt, Juli, from California, USA, held FOUR motorcycles each pulling with 1,050lbs of force for 1m 3.76s.

The two-time Team USA competitor, who has also appeared on America’s Got Talent, holds multiple world records along with her Olympic gold.

Nicknamed 'The Female Human Link', the power lifter is an former Olympic gold medalist

Nicknamed ‘The Female Human Link’, the power lifter is an former Olympic gold medalist

She said: “The idea of restraining four motorcycles was born the night I established the first world record as the only woman in the world to restrain two motorcycles.

“I knew at that moment I wanted to restrain four – mentally I was ready, but I had no idea of the physical demands of four motorcycles.

“The job is dangerous because is not just me and the motorcycles. Every team I have is different so it’s important for everyone to be on the same page.

“The more people involved then the more chances for error and that is what we try to avoid.

“Most of the riders are familiar with burnouts holding the brakes but my stunt requires for them not to use any brakes, so they have to adjust.

“I have had some mistakes where I was dragged by the motorcycle for 10ft and I always suffer burns to my shoulders and back form the hot melted rubber flying off the tires and the asphalt hitting me like a BB gun.

“Even training is very dangerous because we are trying something that unless I am in it, it can’t be achieved.

“Every time I perform, I get huge crowds wondering how a woman can hold back the motorcycles.

“The crowds are in awe as they see the big motorcycles lining up and me getting ready to restrain them, while not wearing any protective gear.”

The two-time Team USA competitor has also appeared on America's Got Talent

The two-time Team USA competitor has also appeared on America’s Got Talent

Juli has been involved in sport for most of her life thanks to a keen interest in how the body works.

This fascination led her to study exercise physiology at The University of Arizona and later to becoming an Integrative Medical Practitioner specialising in Women’s Health.

She has been weight training for 15 years and counting, competing in four different sports.

She added: “I always push the boundaries physically and mentally to achieve excellence.

“Also to achieve daring and hard to accomplish World Records as well as bringing home the gold.

“I was a member of Team USA twice and made the prestigious list in the sport of Powerlifting Top 50 women twice and the Historical top 50 women of all time.”

The adrenaline junkie grew up a fan of motocross and it wasn’t long before she combined the two and her signature stunt was born.

She said: "The job is dangerous because is not just me and the motorcycles."

She said: “The job is dangerous because is not just me and the motorcycles.”

She said: “I have applied a tough discipline for myself physically and mentally to be able to break barriers and acknowledge fear.

“My training regime is a bit unorthodox compared to what people equate with exercise and involves big and heavy things you won’t find in a gym.

“It’s gruelling and very demanding, usually five days a week depending on what stage of preparation I am in.

“For conditioning and leg strength, I harness up my truck, pulling it the length of four football fields. That is what I call explosive conditioning.”

Juli is constantly asked whether her stunts are real but insists the doubters don’t bother her.

She added: “There is a lot of smoke but it’s from the tyres – there are no smoke and mirrors.

“They don’t know how many times I have come close to getting seriously hurt.

“I’ve had burns and been pulled by the motorcycles like a rag doll.”

The performer is currently working on several new events for 2015 – hoping to become the first female Guinness World Record holder for restraining two Cessna 300hp planes.