Oh say can you sing – Toddler belts out star spangled banner perfectly

Pic from Chelsea Dellaca / Caters News

Oh say can you sing?

This super cute two-year-old has almost mastered the American national anthem.

In a sweet video ittle Maddy Dellaca climbs onto a little stool and begins to belt out The Star Spangled Banner into a children’s microphone.

Getting almost all the words spot on, her only wobble is a literal one as she nearly topples from her stage.

However, after a cute ‘oopsy-daisy’ she carries on unflustered.

Maddy was filmed by her mum Chelsea, 32. They live with dad Andy, 40, and three-year-old brother Drew in Des Moines, Iowa.

Chelsea said: “Maddy started singing the national anthem in her brother’s room using his step stool as her stage, and I just had to take a video.

“She learned the national anthem from her dad practicing every day for a year before he auditioned to sing it at an Iowa Cubs game during the 2017 season.

“Maddy and her brother sing it almost every day now, mostly in the car. Sometimes she wants her brother to sing with her but other times she just wants to be all by herself.

Pic from Chelsea Dellaca / Caters News

“She likes to practice like her dad and has just got the microphone for her birthday.

“Everyone is amazed that this little girl, who has just turned two, can sing such a difficult song.

“Sometimes Andy will sing it to her if she has trouble getting to sleep too.”

The lyrics of The Star Spangled Banner were written by Francis Scott Key in 1814, and it was adopted as the US national anthem in March 1931.