Obese young woman sheds half her body weight to become bikini competitor

A morbidly obese young woman shed half her body weight to become an inspiring FITNESS MODEL.

Conner Rensch today on a bridal photo shoot

Conner Rensch today on a bridal photo shoot

The first time Conner Rensch, 26, donned a bikini was on stage at the 2015 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion contest which she won.

Conner, who once tipped the scales at 271lb (19st), incredibly lost 130lb in a year and decided to share her transformation.

Weight had always been an issue for Conner, who remembers being told she was fat aged just six.

At school she was bullied and using food as a comfort, she quickly ballooned.

Despite repeated diet attempts, she was unable to slim down and at 18-years-old, weighing 271lb, sought professional help.

And in June 2015 she showed off her new svelte figure in her first bikini show in Denver, Colorado, USA, where she scooped the crown.

She has since become an online inspiration to tens of thousands of people who have followed her incredible weight loss journey.

Conner, from Nebraska, said: “My mum says I just loved food and I have such a sweet tooth.


“I was constant eater, I was always hungry and would want to feel very, very full – it comforted me.

“At school both boys and girls bullied me. They would leave me out, call me ugly and fat.

“When I was in 6th grade, a girl on instant messenger told me I should just kill myself.”

The isolation led to depression but Conner refused to let the bullies win and, as a freshman at college, turned her life around.

Determine to learn everything she could, Conner met with a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

She scrapped processed food and began kick-boxing, cardio and weight-lifting which helped her to shed 23lb in 21 days.

The dramatic weight loss gave her the motivation and momentum to continue with her new lifestyle.

She added: “The biggest change was emotionally – I was my biggest bully. Now I’ve learned to be kind to myself.

“When I see photos of me before, they make me feel sad in terms of how I felt.

“I dealt with depression and emotionally coped with food. But I am also very proud of that girl.”

When Conner learned the WWBF was hosting a new division called transformation, she made the brave decision to enter.


She said: “It took me a while to share my story.

“Posting photos of myself online was scary and I never imagined I would be doing a bikini contest but the most powerful thing during weight loss was I realised anything I put my mind to I can do.

“It was first time I wore a bikini. I showed people that I am proud of what I have done.

“I am so proud of my scars and stretch marks as they tell my story and how far I’ve come.

“It was amazing to get up there and they shared my story as I walked out – it was such a proud moment of me, all my family was there.”

Stunning Conner keeps a trim 144lb figure with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

But she admitted: “I’m chubby girl stuck in a skinny girl body. I eat healthy 80 percent of the time and whatever I want the rest.

“I’m the same girl but I am happier and healthier.”

This year Conner launched her business, My Butterfly Journey, an online coaching service to help others get fit and healthy.