Obese 131kg KFC addict sheds half body weight to travel the worldObese 131kg KFC addict sheds half body weight to travel the world

A formerly obese 131kg KFC addict who would have secret daily 2000-calorie binges in her car has shed half her body weight to travel the world stress-free.

Just two years ago, Aisyah Machfud tipped the scales at 131kg after years of being plagued by an unrelenting addiction to the KFC that she binged on.

PIC FROM Aisyah Machfud/Caters News

The 30-year-old registered nurse from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, said she could never drive past a KFC restaurant without ordering a meal – but would always ‘hide the evidence’ of her secret binge before going home to cook dinner.

Emotional eater Aisyah explained that she always tried to maintain a healthy façade by eating nutritious meals in front of friends, family and co-workers – but in private would gorge on calorie-laden foods such as KFC, chips, chocolate and doughnuts.

Aisyah’s food addiction caused her weight to skyrocket to 131kg, while her wardrobe was overflowing with frumpy size 26 clothes – but now she feels more confident than ever flaunting her brand new 65kg, svelte size 10 physique.

PIC FROM Aisyah Machfud/Caters News

She said: “I was already overweight throughout my childhood and teen years and was always bullied a lot at school because of it.

“When I was in my early twenties, I was involved in two toxic relationships which made me pile on the weight even more.

“Then my father passed away in 2008 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. For two years before he died, he could no longer remember who I was. It was heartbreaking.

“I was definitely an emotional eater. I went through many hard times, and I think food was my way of coping.

“I was on autopilot when I ate. I didn’t even like the taste, it was like cardboard to me. I just used it to numb my emotions.

“I was an extremely secretive eater. To everyone else in my life, I looked like I ate healthy.

PIC FROM Aisyah Machfud/Caters News

“I’d make healthy meals in front of my family and partners, and then bring a salad into work.“But what they didn’t see was the amount of food I was gorging when I was by myself in my car, or in my bedroom when home alone. It was my secret shame.

“I was always thinking about everything I could eat that day. Food controlled my thoughts, but I felt as though I had no control over my body reaching for it.

“Sometimes I’d crave fried food from the moment I woke up. I would grab what was in reach, usually a hidden bag of chips, a block of chocolate or some doughnuts.

“I had KFC every single day and would order the same thing every time. But I didn’t enjoy it, it was out of my control.

“I would eat it all in the car, which was like my safe haven, and destroy the evidence before I went inside.

PIC FROM Aisyah Machfud/Caters News

“It was an emotional release. But it never made me feel any better. It was totally mindless.”

Aisyah said that her obesity made it difficult for her to perform her duties as a nurse – and added that she did not feel confident to give her patients health advice due to her weight.

She also revealed that while she always loved travelling, she became anxious while flying due to the ‘humiliation’ of squeezing into her seat and needing to ask for seatbelt extenders.

The catalyst for her to lose the weight came in 2016 when her mother passed away after years of battling a neurological disease.

Wanting to make both of her deceased parents proud, she decided to finally lose the weight in order to live her best life.

And with the help of gastric sleeve surgery in July 2016, Aisyah managed to lose 65kg in one year.

Now she goes to the gym three times a week with a focus on weight training to stay toned – while also eating a healthy low-carb, high protein diet full of fresh vegetables and lean meat.

PIC FROM Aisyah Machfud/Caters News

She said: “Being that obese made it very hard to perform my job. My size meant it was a struggle to shower my patients, help them with their shoes or even just getting around their bed.

“I was so passionate about being a nurse and helping people, but I think it was hard for my patients to heed my advice as I wasn’t exactly the picture of health.

“Traveling was a nightmare. I loved exploring the world, but I always had to go through the humiliation of people staring at me with hate in their eyes as I boarded the plane.

“I could see everyone was praying I didn’t sit next to them. Then I would bump into everyone when going up and down the aisles.

“I would always need to ask for a seatbelt extender as well, and everyone would look at me.

“My existence just seemed to make people very angry. In those moments, I just wanted to disappear.

“When my mum died, I realised that she and my father brought me into this world, and they would have wanted me to live my absolute best life.

PIC FROM Aisyah Machfud/Caters News

“They were always in the back of my mind throughout this entire journey. I know they would be really proud of who I’ve become.

“I had tried all the diets out there, but nothing helped. It was not an easy decision to have the surgery, but I’m so glad I did and would never regret it.”

Now after losing the weight, inspirational Aisyah said travelling has become a ‘whole different experience’ – and has had the time of her life trekking around Europe, The USA, Asia and South America.

And after getting her confidence back, she built up the courage to go on Tinder – where she met the love of her life Vikash Sabnani, 32 in June 2017.

She said: “Since becoming healthier, I have been to so many countries. Now I can actually be active and explore nature whereas before I wasn’t able to do any of that due to my size.

“I’ve climbed pyramids, explored caves and ancient ruin, and even skydived in Mexico. I’ve been snorkelling around Indonesia and Thailand.

PIC FROM Aisyah Machfud/Caters News

“I’ve been abseiling down waterfalls and have hiked mountains in Sri Lanka, and I’ve trekked along waterfalls and have hiked jungles in Colombia and Bolivia.

“I’m a totally different person now and truly feel I am living my best life.

“The world has opened up to me. I no longer need to stress about travelling, and my weight doesn’t hold me back anymore.

“I feel healthier than I have in my entire life and couldn’t be happier.”


Breakfast: Skipped.

Mid-morning Snack: A pie, bags of chips with chocolate, cakes, muffins or doughnuts.

Lunch: If in public – a salad, if on her own – hot chips, or other fast food, or bakery treats.

Afternoon snack: 2000-calorie KFC binge on the way home, which included a double crunch burger, with large fries, potato and gravy, 3 wicked wings and a pepsi can.

Dinner: Healthy dinner in front of family or partner – pasta, protein and vegetables.

Dessert: Block of chocolate, ice cream or cake.


Breakfast: yoghurt, berries and muesli

Mid-morning Snack: boiled egg and avocado

Lunch: Protein and salad

Afternoon snack: Small serving of cheese

Dinner: Protein with vegetables or salad

Dessert: Square of Lindt dark chocolate