Nine-year-old who creates taxidermy and collects bugs wants to become like his idol – David Attenborough 

A nine-year-old boy who loves creating taxidermy and collects bugs and insects wants to grow up to be just like his role model and has even been nicknamed the ‘mini David Attenborough.’

Angus Latimer has a passion for dead animals after watching his mum create taxidermy as a toddler and collects rocks, fossils and shells, as well as looking after his pet frog, named Slippery.

Pics from Peter Goddard / Caters News

Mum, Kate Latimer-Matthews, 33, from Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucester, found that out of her four children, Chloe, 17, Archie, 12, Angus, 9 and Albert, who is four-months old, that Angus was the one who was most fascinated by her work.

She said: “I always knew that Angus was different from my other children. They wear trainers and want to play football and he just wants to visits museums.

Pics from Peter Goddard / Caters News

“He would come and watch me in my workshop when he was three-years-old and he was fascinated by what I was doing. We are just so used to seeing skinned animals that it has become normal in our family.

“I noticed that he started collecting dead flies and it grew from there. Now he has beetles and insects, fossils and rocks, he has even stuffed his own crow that he keeps in his bedroom.

Pics from Peter Goddard / Caters News

“He catalogues them all in professional mahogany drawers, just like in the museum.

“I love to see the taxidermy he creates and the personality he gives the animals through the eyes of a child.”

Angus, who hopes to become an entomologist one day, is David Attenborough’s biggest fan and was lucky enough to meet him at a bookstore after queueing for six hours.

Kate said: “He was so excited to see him.

“He and his friend made some arrowheads from slate to show him and David was fascinated. He was talking to them both for ages.

Pics from Peter Goddard / Caters News

“Angus even wants to start his own YouTube channel so he can talk about his pets and collections.”

Angus has quite the collection of pets including his pet Pacman frog, affectionately named Slippery, his own millipede, two stick insects and 40 cockroaches.

Kate said: “He left the lid off the box he kept his stick insects in and they escaped. We were very lucky to find them.

“He likes to throw them on my lap to try and scare me but luckily I’m pretty brave when it comes to bugs and insects.”

Pics from Peter Goddard / Caters News

The youngster has expensive tastes and even likes to dress the part with a selection of tweed jackets and dickie bows as well as visiting nice restaurants.

Kate said: “He loves to coordinate his outfits with bright coloured trouser and matching shoelaces.

“People pay attention to him and they love what he wears. It really boosts his confidence.

“He loves what he does and I wouldn’t have him any other way.

“You can never force children into something they don’t enjoy.”