Nice day for a wet wedding: Happy couple celebrate engagement with wake boarding shoot

WATER way to celebrate… A couple have captured the moment they got engaged by WAKEBOARDING.

Wakeboard Engagement

Peter Stewart, 30, and fiancee Fiona Bannon, take to the water on their engagement day

Thrill-seekers Peter Stewart, 30, and fiancee Fiona Bannon, 27, took to the water in a series of brilliant snaps.

Wakeboard Engagement

The pair share a kiss whilst wake boarding

The pair, from Coleraine, Northern Ireland, spend summer on a boat at the River Bann with Peter teaching Fiona how to wakeboard.

Wakeboard Engagement

Water way to go: Fiona Bannon from Northern Island wake boarding in her soon-to-be wedding dress

So they decided to take to the Bann for their engagement – despite freezing Fiona not being able to wear a wetsuit to keep warm.

Wakeboard Engagement

Nice day for a wet wedding: Groom, Peter Stewart, spent the big day wake boarding with his wife

Now they are promising something even more spectacular when they tie the knot on November 22.

Nurse Fiona said: “I wanted our engagement pictures to be shot where Pete and I are the happiest – on the river.

“He proposed to me in the French Alps on a snowboard holiday with some of our close friends.

“We were on a ski lift and snowboarded down the mountain after.

“So for our engagement shoot we wanted to step away from the norm and do something to reflect our fun relationship.

“I spotted an advert online from a lovely girl in Bangor who was selling her wedding dress.

“I emailed her and told her what it was for and she was more than willing to sell it to me.

“We went to Belfast to pick the dress up for the shoot. It was a 120 mile round trip but all part of the fun.”

Water-loving Peter has been wakeboarding since he was 12 and competed in pro events around the world.

He added: “I placed third in the 2003 World Championships in Orlando, USA, and third in the 2010 Europeans.

“I have also been 6 times Irish Champion.

“I was quite lucky with the shoot as I was able to wear a wetsuit and vest under my suit but Fiona had to go in with no wetsuit.

“As you can imagine in Ireland in August it was pretty cold. But she stuck it out well and found it easy to wakeboard in the dress.

“Friends and family were blown away. They couldn’t believe we had done this especially Fiona’s dad who was convinced the pictures were superimposed.

“We have a couple of great ideas for the wedding one of which is cool but we can’t disclose anything yet.”

Photographer David Cavan took the shots.

He said: “From what I knew of Peter and Fiona – I knew they lived life to the fullest.

“Fiona was prepared to get wet but I knew I had to nail a lot of the shots in the first run while they were dry.

“I loved the shoot – there was so much going on it was a lot of fun.”