Mum turns selfie queen after dropping six stone in shocking transformation

A mum has turned into a selfie queen after dropping six stone and now she looks unrecognisable.

Corie Brooks, 31, was fed up of her size 20 frame and after years of binging on unhealthy snacks, she decided to overhaul her diet.

The mum of one from Nottingham – who ate a multi-pack of crisps daily – restricted her calories to just 600 per day.

She couldn’t believe it when her 17 stone frame started to shrink and for the first time in her life she had her confidence back.

By the end of 2017, Corie was taking selfies most days as she was thrilled with her results.

And now, for the first time since her early 20’s, Corie is wearing a bikini and feeling healthier than ever.

Corie said: “I can’t stop taking selfies now and after years of hating my body, I now couldn’t be happier with how I look.

“I would spend days hiding at home as I didn’t want to be seen and enjoyed comfort eating.

“I lost my mum suddenly at 24 so I was eating to help deal with the loss but through doing that I was feeling even worse.

“Eating bags of multi-packs crisps and chocolate was the main reason I gained weight.

“I never ate cooked food but would live off snack foods which are full of sugar.

“After joining Cambridge Weight Plan last January I rapidly started to lose weight.

“I was over the moon that I’d finally found a diet that worked and I was so determined to stick to it.

“I didn’t exercise as I was only eating 600 calories per day but the pounds quickly fell off.

“Now I have hit goal weight and finally have the confidence to show off my body.

“I love taking photos now as I’m proud of what I’ve managed to achieve.”

Corie now goes running with her son to keep fit and has maintained her 6st 9lb weightloss since last year.

She added: “I will never be the ‘big girl’ of the group again.

“I feel great now and I can’t ever imagine binging like I used to before.

“I now eat healthy salads and fruit and vegetables instead of sugary snacks.

“It’s crazy to look back at old photos as I barely look the same now I have lost the weight.

“This is the first summer in almost a decade where I feel comfortable to actually wear a bikini.”

BREAKFAST – crisps and cakes
LUNCH – crisps and cakes, chocolate
DINNER – pizza or chinese
SNACKS – crisps and chocolate

BREAKFAST – granola with almond milk or fat free yogurt
LUNCH – chicken salad without caesar sauce or sushi
DINNER – Chicken / fish with vegetables
SNACKS – Fruit