Mum of triplets reveals incredible body transformation five months after giving birth

A mother of triplets has revealed her incredible body transformation five months after giving birth.

Ramie Snodgrass, 35, from Tacoma, Washington, went from having swollen stomach to barely noticeable post-pregnancy body thanks to her children.


She attributes taking care of babies Anna, Connor and Justin along with the incredible ‘strength of the body’, as the reason behind her phenomenal physique.

From regularly lifting them out of their cribs to carrying large boxes of diapers, pushing their huge stroller and more, helped her body return to shape.

During the pregnancy she feared she would lose her babies, as twins Connor and Justin, shared the same amniotic sac putting them at risk.

Medically called monoamniotic twins, doctors even suggested reducing the pregnancy to one to ensure survival.

But the parents who believed they were given twins for a reason decided against termination and would go onto have healthy children, who are now approaching nine months old. 


Ramie, now a full-time parent, said: “For me a big fear of having triplets was not being able to do the things I love like running, hiking and more.

“I wanted to inspire other people and other moms not to give up on the things that are important to you as a person.

“I tried running six weeks after my c-section but found it was too painful, so I don’t work out regularly.

“I think having triplets has kept me slim, lifting them out of their cribs, toting big boxes of diapers, pushing their hug strollers and more is physically labourousXXX.

“I have a fit body type, I eat very healthily, I don’t exercise regularly but I am taking care of the babies and any chance I get I like to go for walks, I don’t have anything routinely.

“The amount of times running up and down the stairs, picking up on baby then another begins to cry, it’s physically demanding.


“I was so scared of losing my babies that the pictures remind me of how I almost wasn’t a mom.

“In the second picture where they are having fun on the yoga mat on the grass it makes me realise how I am emotionally strong enough and how strong the body can be.

“I’m so grateful and feel blessed to be a mom, I realise I’m in such a different emotional place than before and emotionally I’m completely transformed too.”

Parents Ramie and Brad admit they were surprised at having triplets.

She said: “Our plan was to have one baby, do we didn’t use fertility assistance, but in our ultrasound initially they were like there’s one, no wait there’s three.

“I wish I could say my initial reaction was happiness but I was scared, worrying how we would afford and manage with three infants.


“After that we realised we were given the biggest miracle and blessing.”

Upon realised they had mono-twins, the parents were offered them the heart-wrenching decision to choose whether to keep all three of their children or abort two.

Ramie said: “We knew they would be premature and that was scary enough, doctors spoke to us about reducing to a single pregnancy.

“But we believed we were given triplets for a reason and whatever the future held that was the life we would have.

“It felt morally unclear what was the right thing to do but God gave us faith in our hearts to move forward having all three babies and we knew that was the right thing to do.”

Thankfully, the triplets survived with 3lb 3oz Anna arriving first followed by Justin 3lb 8oz and then Connor at 3lb 7oz.


After coming home and adapting to life with their three new arrivals, Ramie shared two images – one of her bulging baby bump and another five-months post-partum.

The post online gained traction, with many amazed at how quickly her body had appeared to return to physical peak.

She was surprised and felt guilty for the attention, believing there were other more deserving parents.

Ramie said: “At times I feel like an imposter, there are far more heroic mothers than I am, mothers with disabled children, high risk pregnancies that didn’t turn out well, I feel guilty for the attention.


“I’m thankful to have my body back, I was uncomfortable being pregnant, especially as I have always kept very fit.”

For Ramie, the most telling thing about the two images for her is her mental and emotional change.

She added: “I was surprised by the response I received, to me it’s more than just a physical body transformation it’s also a mental and emotional one too.

“During the pregnancy I was so scared of losing my babies I am just thankful to feel like myself again and get to enjoy my time with my children.

“I have a lot of fun dressing them up, while I’m taking time out to be a mom it’s great to have a creative outlet and enjoy my kids.

“They are really spoiled in a good way and get lots of love.”