Mum and baby gym buddies become Instagram sensation

A young mum who creates fun workouts with her adorable baby has become an online inspiration for other mothers battling the bulge.


Kirsty and Tucker

Kristy Ardo, 24, balances being an amazing mum to 14-month-old Tucker with kick-ass exercises which often incorporate the tot.

The toned lass encourages other mums to get sweaty for just 20 minutes a day, four times a week.

Her creative workouts and motivational guides have amassed 115,000 followers on Instagram.

Kristy Ardo, 24 hiking with 14-month-old Tucker

Kristy Ardo, 24 hiking with 14-month-old Tucker

Videos show the mum-and-baby duo training at home, in the park and at outdoors – Kristy proves that burning calories is possible anywhere.

Kirsty, from Arizona, USA, said: “I was a diver for ten years so I was really fit before I had Tucker, then after I had him things slowed down.

“I was having the baby blues and needed my energy.

 Kristy Ardo, 24 hiking with 14-month-old Tucker

Kristy Ardo, 24 hiking with 14-month-old Tucker

“I couldn’t justify leaving him to go to the gym, so I started doing workouts with him.

“You can fit so much in with just twenty minutes. We like to do squats, lunges and planks the most.

“He would laugh and giggle and it became part of our of every day routine.

Kirsty's bump and post-pregnancy tum

Kirsty’s bump and post-pregnancy tum

“I’m lucky Tucker is very laid back, he’s a very happy baby and well behaved.

“The first couple of months were tough to adjust to not much sleep.

“I was trying to figure motherhood out but once I figured how to work it out into my everyday life, it made me happy and less anxious.”


Kristy has been a qualified personal trainer for six years and specialises in injury and postpartum fitness.

She added: “At first I was just doing it for fun, but I realised there isn’t a lot out there for mums about how to stay active with kids.

“I want to mums to know exercise makes you feel better and it’s important to take just a few moments out for yourself daily.


“I have such a huge respect for mums and think they are doing an amazing job. They need to have more positive self-talk and give themselves more credit.

As well as running a blog, Baby Fit Gym, the active mum offers a consultation service to anyone needing an extra push.

She said: “I started the service a month ago and already have 30 clients, it’s been great. My husband Nick is super proud of us.”