Moment five stone anorexic literally snaps as she jumps into boyfriend’s arms and breaks her ribs – but she’s now made an incredible recovery

This is the eye-watering moment a five-stone anorexic literally SNAPPED as she jumped into her boyfriend’s arms – breaking her ribs.


Georgia and her boyfriend Ashton now (L) and before – when Georgia snapped her rib (R)

Georgia McGrath, 18, was so frail that her ribs snapped as her boyfriend Ashton Benton gave her a huge hug on camera.

Georgia, from Hull, East Yorks, lived off just 100 calories a day after developing anorexia in 2012 – and her weight plunged from a healthy 10 stone to a skeletal five stone.

The model plummeted to a shocking five-stone, after losing half of her original body weight – and she had a dangerously low BMI of 11.6, with the recommended range from 18.5 and 25

But August last year she finally realised she had to overcome anorexia after breaking her ribs while jumping into the arms of her boyfriend Ashton Benton, 25, for a photograph.

Since then she slowly increased her portion sizes and is now at a healthy 10st 4lbs.

Georgia, said: “When I jumped into Ashton’s arms for a hug I was left screaming in agony and could barely breathe, I thought I’d punctured my lungs.

“I was so stick thin and my bones were so brittle that I’d fractured my ribs from the jump it was terrifying.

“The pain was so intense, I never for one moment thought I would have such a severe injury from something like as simple as posing for a cute photograph.

“Doctors had warned me about how malnourished and vulnerable I was but at that point I couldn’t see it and wasn’t able to battle anorexia.

“When my mum found out that I’d fractured my ribs she burst into tears and was terrified that I was so fragile that I’d break my neck.

“It all started after being called fat by someone at school and from there I switched my meals for rice cakes and became obsessed with the gym.


“This illness has taken a massive toll on my life, I had to miss a lot of college due to my illness and when I could make it in a tutor had to support me while I tried to walk.

“People were making comments about me needing a wheelchair and wondered how I wasn’t dead because I was so dangerously thin.

“The photograph incident was a real wake-up call for me, I knew I couldn’t go on like this anymore and started fighting against my eating disorder.

“Thanks to my boyfriend and supportive family I’ve been able to get back to a healthy weight, without them I wouldn’t be here.”

Georgia started reducing her meals in 2012 after being called ‘fat’ by a classmate and in a month she’d dropped a stone.

From there her weight loss spiralled out of control as she went to the gym every day desperately trying burn off any calories she had eaten.

Georgia said: “I was so desperate to be thin that I was burning 1,500 calories a day at the gym and cycling 10 miles to get there and back.

“Then back at home I’d pretend to cook food in the kitchen, make a load of mess and leave the dishes out so my parents thought I’d eaten.

“All I was living off was three rice cakes, it was nowhere near enough food I needed but at the time I couldn’t see it.”

In August 2014 she was rushed to the hospital after suffering from stroke-like symptoms that were caused by her starving herself.

Georgia said: “I remember feeling ill and completely going numb on the left hand side of my body.


“Suddenly I started shaking and woke up 45 minutes later with bruises all up my body from when I’d had a seizure.

“I was told how dangerously malnourished I was by doctors and that if I wasn’t rushed to hospital I could have died.

“I was very sick at the time I could barely eat or sleep and even going to the toilet was a struggle.”

Weeks into her recovery her Great-Grandma passed away leaving her with the dying wish for Georgia to make a recovery from anorexia.

Georgia said: “My Great-grandma was partially blind in one eye so I never thought she knew about how thin I was.

“She asked for a moment alone with me and made me promise her that I would live because she knew how poorly I was all along.

“She told me that she didn’t want to see me in heaven for a long time and it really hit hard and gave me extra motivation to beat anorexia.”

Now Georgia is at a healthy 10st 4lb and has battled her fear of sugar by starting a specialist service that provides Candy Carts to weddings.

Boyfriend of nine months Ashton said: “I’m super proud of her she did it all herself through a lot of patience and encouragement.

“I’m quite an affectionate person so it was quite difficult at first because I wanted to give her a big hug but knew if I did it would hurt her.

“When she jumped into my arms and fractured her ribs she was such a frail, fragile little thing that I felt really bad.

“Now I’m so glad she’s recovered and we’re now going to fly to Utah so she can meet my parents.”

Marg Oaten MBE, co-founder of eating disorder charity SEED, said: “I really admire Georgia for turning her life around and moving forward into recovery.

“She is an inspiration to others that recovery is possible, but this may take a long time and often people’s strengths are tested to the maximum.

“Georgia is very brave to share her story to help others and I wish her the very best for the future.”