Might need some bread & shoulder: Toddler brother cover themselves head to toe in butter because they were trying to make pancakes

This exasperated mum needed some Bread & Shoulders when her two toddler sons covered themselves head to toe in buttereven getting it in their HAIR.

Jodi Hargraves coudln’t believe it was butter after she had left Mason, two, and three-year-old Jaxson in their bedroom at home in South Lyon, Michigan, USA, believing they were watching a film on June 26.

Collecting all the dirty laundry from her bedroom, Jodi was called to the kids when her husband received a phone interview only to be greeted in their lounge by the boys smothered in the oily spread.

Stunned by the sight, Mason has butter all in his hair while Jaxson says the reason they wanted the ingredients was to make pancakes before admitting it was now in his brother’s bedroom.

Jodi said: “I honestly didn’t know how to react.

“I wanted to laugh so bad but at the same time I also wanted to cry because of the mess.

“They were in their bedroom watching a movie and I thought that’s all they were doing.

“I was not prepared for the sight that greeted me.”


It took two baths to remove all the butter and oily feeling off the troublesome twosome and a further three hours to clean their beds, blankets and carpet.

Grilling them in the bathroom, Jaxson protests his innocence that the butter is back in the fridge before Mason admits it has ended up in their bedroom.

Unfortunately for Jodi, she is unable to get to the bottom of why her youngest son put the spread all over his head before saying they both need a bath.