Meet the world’s sexiest trucker! Glam blonde model claims people never believe 18-wheeler licence is hers

A blonde glamour model dubbed the world’s sexiest trucker claims people never believe her 18-wheeler licence is real.

When you think of the average truck driver, 26-year-old Blayze Williams is not what comes to mind as her long flaxen locks and stunning figure make her an unusual sight behind the wheel of a semi-trailer.

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But the Australian model has made inroads in the trucking industry ever since she serendipitously found herself in the driver’s seat of a heavy goods vehicle seven years ago.

Now Blayze – who claims nightclub bouncers frequently don’t believe her truck licence is legitimate – is breaking down barriers in the heavily male-dominated industry by calling on more women to follow in her lane.

Blayze, who lives in Adelaide, said: “I’m always being told I’m ‘not your average truckie’.

“Some people, like nightclub bouncers, don’t always believe me.

“It just feels very cool driving a massive rig.

“I fell into the job. I used to clean trucks for work and one day they said we needed to get a license to move them around.

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“When I used to see them pull up beside me I was scared, but I found I really enjoyed driving them.

“I’ve always like to be different, so being a female truck driver just came naturally. I’ve always dressed like a bit of a Barbie, but I feel like one of the boys.”

Blayze, who is also a current national champion horse-rider, bagged her first job as a trucker one year after first getting behind the wheel.

And despite not fitting the trucker stereotype, she quickly found she had a taste for the perks of life on the road.

Studies have shown women make up as few as three in every 100 Australian truck drivers.

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But Blayze claims she hasn’t had much trouble driving through gender-based obstacles, and said it is actually a welcoming environment to work in.

There is currently a national shortage of truck drivers in Australia and Blayze said more women should consider the profession as a career.

She said: “There’s a lot more freedom to the highway than an office job, and no one is hovering over your desk.

“You do have to have a tough skin. A lot of the boys can be a bit crude, so it’s not the right place for you if you’re easily offended.

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“But I actually haven’t come across many creeps in my career. On the whole, everyone has been pretty good.

“There is a little bit of heckling sometimes but it’s never too sleazy. If you’re normal, everyone else will be.

“More girls should give it a chance. The hours can be long, but there is great money to be made and it’s a lot of fun.”