Meet the woman who spent £20,000 transforming home into 1950s time warp house

A woman obsessed with the 1950s has splashed out £20,000 transforming her 1930s home and campervan into mid-century meccas.

Emma Edwards in her 1950s inspired campervan

Emma Edwards in her 1950s inspired campervan

Emma Edwards, who works under the alter ego Miss Bamboo, has painstakingly recreated an authentic vintage-looking 1950s Tiki-inspired home with her partner Nigel Preston, 58, in Greater Manchester.

And after kitting out the house the online vintage reproduction boutique owner of then turned her attention to transforming a neglected 1963 Globetrotter Airstream into a mobile Polynesian paradise.

Emma, 47, said: “I love the flamboyance of the era and the way it’s both glamorous but with kitsch and quirky touches.”

She designed the interior sourcing authentic tropical printed barkcloth from Hawaii for the upholstery and hunting down original fittings such as the 1950s fibreglass wall lights.

Emma Edwards in her 50s kitchen

Emma Edwards in her 50s kitchen

One special feature is the pink bathtub remolded from the original tub with a matching cream and pink vanity sink.

She said: “It was an incredible transformation from a complete wreck to a mid-century tropical delight – we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results.”

Emma has forked out £400 on vintage Hawaiian tropical deadstock wallpaper, spent between £100 and £200 on each of the five bamboo bars they own and over the years has spent £20,000 on different items and shipping from America.

Before moving in with Nigel four years ago, Emma’s own home was a shrine to 50s décor and featured a number of bamboo cocktail bars.

Shelves with Tiki-inspired vases and statues

Shelves with Tiki-inspired vases and statues

Emma revealed that although her partner’s tastes were more modern she convinced him to let her decorate some of the living space and introduce some tropical influences.

She said: “I moved in but never felt 100% happy – surroundings are really important to me.

“My bamboo cocktail bar was in the conservatory and it was a bit cold out there and wanted to move it into the lounge.

“Nigel doesn’t have a natural eye for style in the same way I do, he was worried about how it would turn out.

“I decided to do a little Tiki cocktail corner and he absolutely loved it. After that he was like ‘let’s go for it’!”

A vintage radio and other 50s inspired items in Emmas kitchen

A vintage radio and other 50s inspired items in Emmas kitchen

From these baby bamboo steps Emma threw herself into transforming the house into a home that Elvis himself would have been proud of.

She said: “Sometimes I see amazing lamps and have to remind myself I already have so many!

“I’m addicted to buying sets of glassware and knickknacks to decorate the bar area.

“We use them a lot and are really into the whole 50s Tiki cocktail scene and love entertaining with friends.”

The kitchen is home to a sleek cream and chrome reproduction microwave and fridge and other vintage touches.

Emma Edwards in her 1950s inspired campervan

Emma Edwards in her 1950s inspired campervan

The only room in the house that Emma has yet to work her magic on is this bathroom.

“I love 1950s-style pink bathrooms you find in time capsule houses in America – but we need to save up before we can have one.”

There’s just one piece in the living room that has yet to enjoy a mid-century makeover – the TV.

Emma said: “I hate the way to the TV looks. It would be nice to make some sort of mid-century front to cover it, but it’s nice to watch vintage movies on!”