Meet the woman who lives with two 24 stone pampered porkers – after being duped into buying ‘micro-pigs’

This is the woman who lives with two 24 stone PIGS – when the porkers ballooned after she was duped into buying supposed micro-pigs.

Janey Byrne poses with one of her pigs

Janey Byrne poses with one of her pigs

When Janey Byrne bought pet pig Meeka seven years ago and Molly a year later, she had no idea the adorable little piglets would grow into such a porky piggies.

Janey and hubby David were left flabbergasted as the “micro-pigs” they’d bought steadily ballooned into enormous pot-bellied pigs, tipping the scales at a hefty 24 stone – enough meat for 3,000 bacon butties.

Naïve Janey was duped into paying £350 for Meeka, thinking she was getting a cute tea-cup pig – but she soon discovered she’d been tricked when the swine kept growing and growing.

Incredibly Janey, 47, was fooled again when she paid £50 for Molly just a year later.

Horrified Janey and Dave soon discovered that their micro-pigs were in fact massive Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs – and porker Molly was even part wild boar.

But despite their size, Janey and fireman Dave, 47, fell in love with the porky piggies and decided to keep them.

Janey, a receptionist from Laughterton, Lincs, said: “I had no idea pigs could even grow this big!

Janey Byrne poses with one of her pigs

Janey Byrne poses with one of her pigs

“It was a massive shock when they first started growing – I was in denial at first.

“They were supposed to grow no bigger than a small cocker spaniel, but they got to that size within six months and then just kept on growing.

“People noticed their rapid growth and said ‘they’re not micro-pigs’, but I wouldn’t listen to them.

“It was one thing when it happened with Meeka – but when I realised the same thing had happened with Molly we were gobsmacked.

“Now they’re big even for their breeds – although a lot of pigs never make it to this age, as they’re sent off to the slaughter house.

“I couldn’t let that happen to Meeka and Molly – they’re my babies.

The pigs and Janey Byrne, their owner, on Christmas

The pigs and Janey Byrne, their owner, on Christmas

“Now the pigs each weigh around 24 stone – they’re really hefty.

“They can just about waddle around, but they’re too fat to climb the stairs or go out on walks.

“But they love cuddles and belly rubs, playing with their ball, and I’ve taught them to beg like dogs – where dogs will give a paw for a treat, the pigs will give their trotters.

“They’re very pampered too, they’re really girly girls – they love dressing up in tutus and I often give them a pedicure and paint their trotters, they’re my princesses and they love the attention.

“When people come round who haven’t been before – like work men or delivery men – I often don’t tell them about the pigs.

“They’re always stunned, they can’t believe it when they see them!

“Everyone thinks it’s really cool after the initial shock, they all want to get selfies with them.”

Meeka as a baby pig cuddles with the dogs

Meeka as a baby pig cuddles with the dogs

Doting Janey splashes out £300 a month on the pampered porkers, and the greedy piggies eat her out of house and home.

As well as rocketing food bills and lavish treats and toys, Janey spends a lot of money on medications and visits to the vets – Meeka has arthritis, and is pumped with horse medicine daily on a spoonful of jam to help her keep moving.

Janey, who is a vegetarian, said: “They are very fat, and they have a varied diet – they do eat pig mixture but my babies are very fussy.

“They do love their food and they get very excited for their favourites.

“They love a tiger loaf, cheerios and milk, Smash mashed potato, cheese, biscuits and popcorn.

“They’ve got their own rug and blankets in the lounge in front of the sofa, and they love to curl up and sleep there while we’re watching TV in the evening – it brings a new meaning to pigging out on the couch!

Janey Byrne poses with one of her pigs

Janey Byrne poses with one of her pigs

“They even used to come in bed with us for cuddles and a snooze, but they’re too big for that now!

“They’ve also got a pink pig pen outside for the daytime, with an area for rolling in the mud and lounging in the sun – it’s like their own personal spa.

“They do cost a lot and they need a lot of attention, but they’re worth it – we don’t have children, so they’re like my babies.

“I dread the day when they’re not here anymore – which I hope is many years away.

“They’re both such characters – Meeka loves me massaging her, and giving her bed baths with baby wipes.

“I know her language, and what all her various noises and grunts mean, and I greet her with a special noise – she trusts my voice to come to wherever I am.

“I love my pigglies so much – I can’t imagine my life without them.”