Meet the woman who has turned her home into a zoo

Meet the woman who has turned her home into a ZOO.

Jordan Ryan, 24, owns 70 animals ranging from regular pets like cats and dogs, to the more exotic including alpacas, a raccoon and snakes.

Home Turned Into A Zoo

Jordan Ryan and Dean Fletcher with her pet raccoons

The NHS student has amassed her animals collection over the last seven years and all of her animals live in her bungalow and garden.

Known as the zoo lady to people in her home town of Gorslas, Carmarthenshire, Jordan takes her animals to fairs and events and accepts visitors into her home.

Home Turned Into A Zoo

Jordan Ryan now lives with over 70 animals, including alpacas in her back garden

She said: “I have always been obsessed with pets and animals – even as a kid I was bringing snakes and lizards home and hiding them under my bed.

“Most of my animals now are rescue animals and they’re all well cared for.

“We have set times when each of them are allowed out for play time to make sure nobody gets eaten.”

Having grown up with dogs, Jordan has always loved animals, but the number of she was bringing home got out of hand when she worked as a veterinary nurse.

Home Turned Into A Zoo

The animal lover has set a time schedule when the animals can play so that none of them are eaten

But after seven years Jordan’s mum got sick of finding animals hidden in her daughter’s room and forced her to move into a flat next door to the house.

She said: “My mum thinks snakes are creepy so she wanted the animals out of the house.

“She knew I wouldn’t give them up so she made me go with them.

“I moved in with my partner, Dean Fletcher, 27, three years later. He has grown up in an environment with lots of pets.

“We started with a few snakes and ferrets and it grew from there.

“Most of the animals live in the house. We just keep them wherever there’s space. I have a room especially for snakes.

“We live in a bungalow with an acre of land. The alpacas, rabbits and ferrets are outside, but everything else is in with us.

“The alpacas will stick their heads through the door and if they’re feeling brave they’ll steal your toast but that’s as far as they get inside.”

People in Jordan’s local area have started calling her the Zoo Lady and she admits a lot of friends think she’s “off her head”.

She said: “People expect to come round to my house and for it to smell bad and be a mess, but it’s not like that at all. It’s very clean, tidy and organised.

“Some people won’t come because they are scared of snakes.

“People thought for a while that it was just a phase, but now they have just accepted it.

“They know that I’m never going to change.”

Children from Jordan’s village have even started going round to her house to see her animals and they have started doing events for charities.

Home Turned Into A Zoo

Known as the zoo lady to people in her home town of Gorslas, Carmarthenshire, Jordan owns a variety of animals including alpacas, raccoons, snakes and spiders

Their animal collection has expanded to include a raccoon, a coatimundi (a Mexican raccoon) and even a monitor lizard.

Jordan said: “Dean wants to get a lemur, that’s how we ended up with the raccoons.

“You need a license for a lemur but not for a raccoon so it was a compromise.

“Next we’re thinking about meercats and after that we’ll look at a lemur.”