Man re-creates famous Love Actually scene to propose to his girlfriend on screen

A man has proposed to his girlfriend by editing himself into the film that they were both watching.

The couple were watching Love Actually on television when he got down on one knee.

Allan Hughes, a video editor, used his skills to make the perfect proposal to his girlfriend Maria Quynh.

He even got her family involved in the recreation and somehow manages to catch the whole thing on film.

Using her favourite film Love Actually, he edited himself into the iconic doorway scene where Mark (Andrew Lincoln) professes his love to Juliet (Kiera Knightly) with a set of cards.

Maria is speechless at first, but soon bursts into tears of happiness and says ‘yes’.

She said it was such a surprise that she almost slept through it.

The couple, from Toronto, Canada, are now looking forward to becoming husband and wife.

Maria, 30, said: “It was a beautiful surprise because I wasn’t expecting it at all.

“I had a feeling Allan was going to propose by the end of the year, and we were going to Iceland for the New Year so I thought it would happen there since it’s a special place for us.

“I could not believe what was happening, I wanted to take in every second of that video and I just felt really happy.

“I realised it wasn’t just another copy of Love Actually about 13 seconds into the scene.  After this all happened, it made sense why he was so adamant on me staying awake (I have a tendency to fall asleep watching movies late at night).

Pic by Caters News

“When my parents and brother came in though, I totally lost it; I couldn’t control my emotions after that. I was utterly speechless; I couldn’t get the word “Yes” out and had to nod to let him know my answer!”

The couple met four years ago at a Boston Pizza restaurant and Allan says that it wasn’t long after that he knew they were meant to be.

Allan, 33, said: “We introduced each other, gave a big hug, and sat down to have dinner together. Turns out she wasn’t hungry, so she ended up watching me eat, but we sat and chatted for over an hour with no stops at all in our conversation.

“From then on, it was inevitable we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

The couple have been together ever since and are both fans of the film. Allan wanted to do something special for his proposal and came up with the editing himself proposing into one of Maria’s favourite films.

It was a choice between Mrs Doubtfire and Love Actually, and of course Love Actuallycame out on top.

Pic by Caters News

“When the scene came up in the movie, I had sweaty palms, and hammered a drink in anticipation to calm my nerves. The scene came on, and she barely even reacted.

“She seemed really confused, like she had no idea what was happening. She made a noise, like, ‘huh?’ and then kept watching.

“When her family came into the shot, she put her hand to her mouth, and broke out into tears.

“I got down on one knee and showed her the ring and she could barely utter a word. She just nodded her head, and said yes, and we hugged and kissed each other, now as a soon to be married couple.

“After the initial shock wore off, she couldn’t help but smile and look at her ring for the entire night.

Pic by Caters News

“I was extremely nervous about it, because she kept falling asleep, and I was scared she was going to miss the moment. I knew she was going to say ‘yes’ so I wasn’t too worried about that.

“All the fears, doubts, and worries I had melted away as soon as my knee hit the floor – one of the greatest moments of my life.”