Man adds a touch of ‘Vegas magic’ in proposal surprise to his boyfriend, with the help of spectacular street magician

This loved-up man literally added a touch of ‘Vegas magic’ when proposing to his boyfriend, with the help of a spectacular street magician.


In front of the renown Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, USA, Elijah and his ‘magic mad’ boyfriend, Cook, have been randomly selected to take part in what appears to be a spontaneous street magic show, conducted by magician, Rob Anderson, or so Cook believes anyway.

Focusing on the theme of love, Rob dazzles the duo of seven years with an array of mind-bending card tricks, but little does Cook know, Elijah and Rob have been liaising for the past few months, to ensure the final trick in the sequence is the most romantic and shocking of all.

Asking Cook to envisage one of his happiest memories with Elijah, Rob believes he can predict the time of day that moment occurred, and placing one special card among a circle of regular cards, the trick certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Placing a fork in the middle of the circle to act like the hands of a clock, after predicting the time ‘wrong’ at first, Rob clicks his fingers, moving the fork to face three o’clock in a jaw dropping illusion.

Removing the card from underneath, Rob places it in co-conspirator, Elijah’s hands, unveiling the mysterious card to read ‘Will you marry me?’

Turning the card around and getting down on one knee, Cook is left spellbound to see Elijah brandishing a gold ring, and he quickly accepts the ‘love of his life’s’ proposition, before locking into a loving embrace.


Rob, a veteran magician who set up This Magic Moment Proposals four years ago, said: “Elijah reached out to me after seeing videos of my other proposals online.

“Everything that we do at This Magic Moment is done incredibly stealthily so as not to arouse suspicion.

“Elijah knew that Cook was a huge fan of magic, and he wanted to make the proposal extra special by taking him to the magic capital of the world, Las Vegas and popping the question through our proposal service.

“I couldn’t stop smiling at Cook’s reaction, even when I played the video back after the performance.

“He was so excited after the camera stopped rolling and told me how much he loved magic.

“Cook couldn’t believe Elijah had worked so hard to surprise him in this way.

“I’ve been doing magic since I was a little kid, I love that magic is both an art and now a tool that can be used to connect people together.


“It always makes me feel happy to be a part of such an important moment in my clients’ lives.

“I’ve even received wedding invitations over the years because of the important role I’ve played in their lives.

“Every proposal I do is special in its own way, but ones like this where the reactions are so memorable really stand out.

“Needless to say, this video is one that the couple will be playing back for a long, long time.”

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