Look-Howell-like! Grandad looks so much like Simon Cowell that he’s stopped for selfies wherever he goes

Mikey Jones / Caters New

A granddad who has been confused for Simon Cowell for the past 16 years admits that he is flocked for selfies and autographs on a daily basis – and even had one fan DROP TO THE FLOOR in front of him.

Andy Monk, 59, has been mistaken for the famous judge since 2002, when Cowell was gaining fame for his appearances on Pop Idol.

Mikey Jones / Caters News

Since then, Andy is confused for the star on a daily basis – with ‘fans’ stopping him for selfies and autographs wherever he goes.

Even his youngest grandson, William, 4, mistakes Simon Cowell for his own family, shouting ‘granddad’ at the television when Britain’s Got Talent is on.

And despite not being famous himself, Andy admits he now goes along with it when people think he is Cowell as to not disappoint them.

Andy, from Dudley, West Mids, said: “For over ten years now I’ve been mistaken for Simon, but I never saw it at first.

“It first started because my friends would always comment that I looked like Simon, but now I get it from strangers every day.

Mikey Jones / Caters News

“Every time I go shopping I get stopped by people and even if it’s not for a photo or an autograph, I always get whispers of ‘oh look it’s Simon Cowell’.

“I’ve had people taking photographs of me when I’ve been out for dinner, people mobbing me when I’m out shopping and even one man who screamed and dropped to the floor in front of me.

“I’m a DJ and almost every time I perform at someone’s wedding the bride will think she’s got Simon Cowell DJing her wedding and the room will flock for selfies.

“But even though I had this for years, it’s only been recently that I’ve truly believed that I do look like him – I thought everyone else was over exaggerating before!”

Despite having spent almost two decades being regularly mistaken for Cowell, Andy admits he doesn’t always try to look like him.

He said: “It’s mainly the outfits that identify me as him – so I steer away from the sunglasses and white t-shirts when I’m not trying to look like him.

“But it takes me minutes to look like him, as I think it’s more of a natural thing as opposed to any make-up.

Mikey Jones / Caters News

“However on a day where I really want to look liked him, I get my haircut, wear bronzer, signature outfits and sunglasses – and that still takes only 10 minutes.

“I even met Simon once, and he gave me the ‘100% approval’, so that really boosted my confidence and confirmed for me that I must really look like him.

“I also regularly have members of the public refusing to believe that I am not Simon.”

Over the years the part-time DJ has attended multiple events as a Simon Cowell lookalike.

Mikey Jones / Caters News

One of which, appearing on a TV show, was where he met his wife Rose Cook Monk, 48, when she was acting as a Debbie Harry tribute.

Rose said: “I met Simon Cowell before I met Andy, and I did always think that he was a very attractive man.

“And that’s exactly what I thought when I met Andy – considering his resemblance to Cowell is mad!

“When I met him on the TV show set I knew exactly who he was and we immediately clicked.

“But now I see him for more than just his similarities and, although I love him looking like Cowell, I see through the suit and sunglasses!”