Life’s a beach – Young girl allergic to everything finds summer a bummer

 A young girl whose life is made a misery by a list of allergies has cancelled summer as the season leaves her swollen and covered in rashes and blisters. 

Little Carys Pickles, 4, has had severely sensitive skin since she was born but now she can’t even be out in the sun for five minutes without being covered in hives. 

She also reacts to swimming pools, sun tan lotion, BBQ’s and even some ice-cream, due to an intolerance to cow’s milk.


Mum Sophie, 25, has been forced to cancel their summer holiday this year in fear that Carys will have a potentially fatal reaction abroad.

 Now, the family, including dad Liam, 30, and sisters Amelia, five, and Phoebe, nine-months-old, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, are searching for ways her daughter can be pain-free for the next few months. 


Sophie, a stay-at-home mum, said: “Summer is meant to be the most exciting time of year for kids, but for Carys it’s one of the most dangerous times.

 “Ever since she was born she’s been allergic to a lot of things, but over the past year it’s got even worse.

 “We’re dreading the summer because there’s so many precautions that we have to take to make sure she’s not in pain.

 “She’s even allergic to sun tan lotion, so we have to use a special one for her, and swimming pools, so she can’t go in there to cool down.

 “And we have to be careful at BBQs in case Carys gets hold of tomato ketchup, as she will come out in a rash.”


Despite Carys’ allergy to the sunshine only being identified last year, the four-year-old has suffered with reactions since she was born.

And after being rushed to hospital several times with life-threatening reactions, Sophie now lives in fear of what her daughter will react to next.

She added: “Every day it seems there’s something new that Carys reacts to, and it’s a constant fear of how bad the next reaction will be.

“When she was five-days-old we had to call an ambulance because she had a reaction to milk, and they’ve just got worse since.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“It started off as her just getting red patches across her body, but now she can get completely swollen from head-to-toe in five minutes.

 “When she’s in the sun she not only burns from the heat in minutes , but we also have to keep her at a constant temperature otherwise she will overheat and start to swell 

“So we have to make sure she’s covered by umbrellas, has a fan on her and is kept completely cool if she leaves the house, because we don’t want to take her to the hospital again!

“She can’t even lay on the grass and make daisy chains because the grass brings her out in painful hives.”


Sophie is now in search for answers with doctors as to why her daughter is a ‘walking allergy’, and how to stop the pain.

She said: “Her allergies are continually getting worse and she has become a walking allergy – there’s days where she will react to absolutely everything. 

“Despite taking her to numerous doctors, no one can tell us what is actually wrong with her.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“Seeing her go through pain and having to have a cautioned life, without being able to enjoy what other children are doing, breaks my heart.

“We hope that she will get a diagnosis soon so that this will be the last summer that she is intolerably allergic to!”