Leader of the rack! Dancer spends £7k buying herself a boob job for valentine’s day in the hope to become a professional cheerleader

A dancer has spent £7,000 gifting herself D-cup breasts for Valentine’s Day in the hope of becoming a professional cheerleader. 

Former B-cup Taylor Czernohus, 23, from Houston, Texas, hopes to breeze through try-outs with the extra confidence she has gained from her new boobs.


She decided to have the operation with Dr. Franklin Rose, after noticing she had lost a lot of weight from her breasts after shedding nearly two stone in weight. 

Knowing that time was ticking for her to be young enough to be on a professional cheer team, she decided this was the year to have surgery and also wanted to shift Valentine’s Day from ‘overrated’ to being about ‘self love’ with the enhancement.

Medical sales director Taylor said: “I’m not currently in a relationship so knew it would be a nice gift to myself and was something I wanted to do for a very long time.

“Valentine’s day is very overrated and all about significant others, but it’s 2019 now, self love and self care are very important.

“That’s why I have treated myself with something like this, I’m showing myself that I deserve to be happy and confident.


“After college I lost a whole lot of weight, which I also lost from my breasts.

“Anyone knows when working out that that as you get lean and have a lower body fat percentage it’s hard to keep big boobs.

“When I was bigger I had big boobs but was self conscious about my weight, then I lost the one thing about my body that I liked.

“I have always been insecure about it but didn’t want to go through surgery, but with the try-outs coming up it gave me a push.

“My confidence will be extremely high, which will show in my try outs and overall in my performance to the judges.

“I’ll finally feel comfortable in my own skin and the amount of different tops I can wear.


“It will change every aspect of the way I look, feel and my overall confidence.

“With Valentine’s day coming up I couldn’t think of a better time to do it.”

Taylor has been passionate about dancing since she was five-years-old, taking classes in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and other forms.

While cheerleading she feels free and finds it a perfect way to clear her head.

She longed to go to professional try outs since the age of 18 but never previously had the confidence to do it.

Taylor said: “I have always danced and done cheer, I wanted to try out since I was 18, but now my age is forcing me to overcome my fear and do it.


“I like the adrenaline rush of dancing is the one thing that can help me block everything out and not think about anything else.

“I tend to be in my head a lot, so dancing is a release and cheer is certainly a passion of mine.”

Taylor believes part of what held her back was her appearance.

Since starting to exercising five times and becoming a vegetarian to help her drop to 9st 9lbs she finally began to feel confident enough to try out.

The only thing holding her back was insecurity around her boobs, but now since the implants she believes she will be dancing more vivaciously than before.

And since going from a B-cup to a small D-cup, she can’t wait to flaunt her new figure in two-pieces and bikinis, with her already having two vacations planned. 


Taylor said: “I knew if I was going to stay as small as small as I am, I would need to undergo surgery to be at a cup size I’m comfortable with.

“I would feel more insecure when wearing certain tops or bathing suits, it’s especially important to be comfortable wearing a two-piece to become a cheerleader.

“It’s a confidence thing, it will definitely help me feel better, not only for the try outs but all aspect of my life.

“I will be very happy with it, it’s a big change but a good change.”

Taylor had the one-hour-and-15-minute breast augmentation with Dr Franklin Rose of Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medspa.


He has operated on more than 6,000 breast augmentations over the years, and notes that especially around Valentine’s day he is very busy with everything from Botox to lip fillers and more.

Dr. Rose said: “Valentine’s Day is the holiday of Cupid, the god of love, so it’s the day or love and romance.

“All of these women and occasionally men too, want to look their best so us plastic surgeons have been very busy around this holiday.

“Taylor is stunning, and her breasts look beautiful.”