Kindhearted man dresses as homeless person and gives out $100 bills to anyone who makes a donation

This kindhearted man left good Samaritans shocked recently, when he dressed as a homeless person and gave out $100 BILLS to anyone willing to make a donation.

Brian Breach’s stunt brought some people to tears as they discovered that their own kindness was itself being rewarded.

Standing outside a Plantation, Florida, USA, store a few days before Christmas, Brian held up a sign that asked for help for his family during the holidays.

For every five people that passed, Brian said, one person might help out in some way.

In total, he gave away $500, making a total of $9 in return.

The project itself came together quite quickly, with Brian having the spare-of-the-moment idea when he woke up early a few days before Christmas.

Within two hours, he had his costume ready and he and his videographer hit the streets.

Brian, a content creator from Plantation, said: “It felt amazing to give back to someone who was willing to help out another human being.

“It kind of restored my faith in humanity a little bit.

“All you see is negativity these days, so it’s a nice change of pace.

“The response to the video has been ultimately positive and I hope it continues to spread positivity around.

“It’s important to always pay it forward.

“What you put out into the world comes right back to you.”