Kindhearted cyclist tracks down owner to return camera that he lost four years ago – capturing the moment it was returned

This kindhearted cyclist has successfully completed his mission to track down the owner of a camera that was lost FOUR YEARS EARLIER – capturing the moment in a heartwarming scene.

Aaron Chase discovered the GoPro HERO3 camera when he crashed during a photo shoot in the winter of 2014, making it his intention to one day return the camera to its rightful owner.

PIC FROM GOPRO / CATERS: Aaron Chase discovers camera

Having taken the camera home, Aaron, 40, from Belmont, New Hampshire, USA, charged the device and began to carry out some detective work, looking through the files that remained stored. 

The first video on the camera appeared to show the young boy that received it for Christmas, and in other videos, Aaron was able to figure out the rough location where the family might have previously lived.

Unable to settle on anything concrete, however, the camera became stored away in Aaron’s “shuffle of life,” as he put it, before it was rediscovered amongst his possessions again in 2018.

This time around, though, Aaron was determined to go to extreme lengths to make sure the camera was back in the right hands, travelling to what he believed to be the family’s home, in Barry Lakes, New Jersey.


Aaron, who arrived at the home on December 1, 2018, said : “I had no clue the kid from the camera would still be living in the same home all these years later.  

“It was so exciting to see the boys out front of their home washing their quads. 

“I couldn’t believe it!

“A GoPro is more than just capturing the action – it was like finding a time capsule of a kids life at a certain time and place.  

“I instantly started laughing when I saw the kid for the first time and everything appeared like it had never changed. 

“He was older but still messing with his quad.”

PIC FROM GOPRO / CATERS: Aaron Chase returns camera to Sean Till after four years

At the home, Aaron came across Sean Till, the owner of the camera who he had seen in the videos.

Filming the moment, Aaron approached a stunned Sean, 19, before explaining his work over all these years.

According to Sean, he had received the camera for Christmas in 2013, only to lose it in 2014 on the exact same corner where Aaron had taken a tumble.

Having worked with GoPro, Aaron also present Sean with a new HERO7 Black camera to replace the now-outdated version of the device that he was returning.

Aaron said: “People loved the footage, they loved the story, they wanted to see footage of the baby, too! 


“Oh and some people thought that it was fake, way too good to be a ‘found GoPro’ [story], but this story is 100 percent real. 

“I was surprised to find the GoPro in the first place, but to see it come full circle and be returned to the owner, that was really special.”