Kind brother offers moral support to crying baby sister scared of car wash

Pic from Caters News

The brother of a girl hilariously terrified of a car wash comforts her on the backseat as she cries to go home.

Stay at home mum and YouTuber/comedian Alyssa filmed her young children Declan, four and Raleigh, one, during an emotion fuelled car wash in Los Angeles last month.

As Alyssa drove the family car into a car wash, little Raleigh started screaming to go home but big brother Declan was quick to at least to and put her at ease.

Alyssa said: “I did not realise how frightened she would be but by the time she really started crying there was a line of cars behind us so the only way home was to drive through.

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“She is a loud and fierce crier and I couldn’t help but document her car wash reaction. Declan offering her moral support was just extra cuteness to boot.

“He is such a sweetie when it comes to his sister. I’m guessing this was the first time she was awake and aware of what was happening/

“A couple weeks later I needed to go through again and I thought she was napping and she woke up.

“There was again a line of cars behind us so I offered for her to sit in my lap, but she got so scared she insisted on climbing back in her seat and buckling up as if she was going on a dangerous ride.

Pic from Caters News

“I told her she was very brave when we got through and she seemed proud. We went to Disneyland later that week and I thought she would be too scared to go on the rides, but she loved them, in fact it was Declan that stayed off.

“Deco is the sweetest brother, always cheering her up when she is crying. He is very sensitive and is confident in his ability to make her smile and/or laugh when she is sad.

“He can be a bit rough with her, but she trusts him completely and he is always noticing her mood and protective of her.”