Kim Kardashian lookalike poses in naked shoot after face altering surgery brings the total spent on imitating idol to half a million dollars

A Kim Kardashian lookalike poses for a naked shoot after recent face altering surgery brings the total spent imitating idol to HALF A MILLION DOLLARS.

Jennifer Pamplona, 25, from Sao Paolo, Brazil, glows as she shows off her curvaceous figure covered in only glittery paint for a shoot inspired by the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star.

She has spent a staggering $500,000 (350kGBP) transforming close to every inch of her body, from having four ribs removed to four pints (900cc) of fat injected into her butt.

Recently she went under the knife again for her second nose job, to remove cheek fillers and had a facelift to closely resemble the ‘Break the Internet’ model.


The diva doppelganger has just recovered from the $30k (21kGBP) procedures with Dr Bulent Cihantimur, in Turkey, that initially left her unable to smile.

The entrepreneur already has future plans to increase the size of her extremely enlarged derriere further, despite doctors rejecting the idea.

She believes she will be able to model way into her late 60s thanks to the alterations and finally likes posing naked, as seen in her shoot imitating Kim Kardashian-West’s photos for KKW Beauty.

Jennifer said: “After all my surgery and procedures I’m pretty happy, sometimes I think all the money I spent could be in my bank account but at the same time I’m so happy.

“I have spent a lot of money, but I feel very confident with myself and have the power to make more money because of my looks.

“When you’re not happy with yourself, feeling upset and not great, you’re not going to succeed, now I love myself and I feel happy looking in the mirror.

“If I had to, I definitely would do it all again, all of the surgeries and procedures, but for now I know it’s time to focus more on my career, life and business.

“I chose this photoshoot style because it’s similar to some of Kim Kardashian-West’s most famous photographs.

“I love when Kim Kardashian does these photoshoots, to me she looks beautiful and I feel like I look great too.



“I gain more confidence every time I do a photoshoot without clothes on, I feel comfortable posing naked with body paint now and could be doing this for a long time.

“When I saw these photographs, I thought it was the most beautiful one I have ever done, I have a more mature look now.

“I think I will still feel confident doing naked shoots into my old age, I did all of my surgeries to remain beautiful – whether I’m 30, 60, 70 I’ll still be beautiful, with age comes beauty too.”

Jennifer, who shot to fame after undergoing nine surgeries in the 24-hours, after the death of her boyfriend Celso Santebanes, who was known for his modified look.

He dreamed that she would follow in his footsteps, with her going on to rack up a shocking $500,000 of surgery and procedures.

Most particularly she aimed to imitate her idol’s famous derriere and despite already having four pints of fat injected, dreams of an even bigger butt.

Jennifer said: “I wanted to have more done to my butt, when I traveled to turkey, I wished I could do it then, but my doctor has refused.

“He said he would not do it currently, but maybe in the future we can, I never say never, especially when talking about surgery.

“My doctor thinks I am addicted, so he put a stop on me if he didn’t I would have kept on doing it, he didn’t reject me because it’s dangerous, he’s just very responsible.”

Jennifer furthered her similarity to Kim Kardashian-West by recently having her nose reshaped to emulate the star and had drooping cheek fillers removed.

She said: “I wanted my face to look more similar to Kim Kardashian, when I woke up it was the most beautiful nose I could have seen, it looks very natural and not like I’ve had surgery at all.


“He broke my nose and cut it to make it smaller, then worked to remove the fillers and reconstruct my face.

“He took out my cheek fillers and gave me a facelift to stop them from sagging with the weight.

“I see my body more like a woman’s and not a girl anymore, I’m growing up and finding fewer insecurities with myself.”

To celebrate the modifications, she recreated another Kim Kardashian-West photoshoot.

Jennifer said: “After my nose job I wanted to do something really nice, I wanted to show my body completely.

“It was very sexy, very amazing and using great colours that overall enhanced my confidence.

“I was five kilos (11lb) heavier too, I was not fat but a little curvier and felt very confident within myself.


“I don’t like to be skinny, when I’m too skinny I don’t feel great because I like bodies with curves and was very happy with all my results.”

Jennifer who has recently launched a perfume and chocolate line wants to show other women that they can be both sexy and a successful entrepreneur.

She said: “People don’t understand that beautiful woman can do business as well, some think beautiful woman are not smart.

“This is part of the reasoning behind why I like Kim Kardashian so much, she’s really beautiful, very sexy, very smart and a savvy businesswoman.

“I want to show myself and others that I’m a confident woman but can still go to meetings and because I’m a businesswoman.

“A woman can stay sexy and beautiful, while still being great with business.”


900cc (four pints) of fat injected into each butt cheek
Four ribs removed
Breast implants x2
Rhinoplasty x2
Cheek fillers
Lips fillers
Fat injection to thighs
Cheek fillers removed
Face lift