Jurassic lark: real estate agent dresses as 7ft dinosaur to sell everyday family home in hilarious shots

This real estate agent really had a Jurassic lark attempting to sell one of her most recent properties – by dressing in a 7ft dinosaur costume.

Realtor Bambi Case dressed as the comedic T-Rex for the home’s showcase shots, peeking out of the family abode’s shower, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and drinking a glass of wine in the garden.


Bambi, who works for Nebraska Realty, said she had seen a number of T-Rex-costume gimmicks floating around the internet, and so decided such an approach would be perfect for the real estate market.

And so, after her husband had bought her the costume for Christmas, Bambi selected a house in Omaha, Nebraska, to test her unique sales technique.

Doing so, she hopes, will bring attention to the standard family property.


For interested buyers: the 1962 ranch home features four bedrooms, two bathrooms, costs around $2000,000, and no has prehistoric creatures included.

Going forward, Bambi plans to use her jurassic selling technique again – this time having someone else dress in the costume, so that she can direct the shots.

Bambi said: “The shower scene is my absolute favorite – nothing but the tail and a little of the head showing.

“I plan on having the T-Rex back and I am thinking of other fun costumes from time to time.

“I don’t want to overdo it, but for the right home, I’ll do almost anything that will draw extra attention to get a home sold.”